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trip to Factory

So we went to Factory Design Studio on Thursday. This place was sweet! It was located in the upstairs of the old Roobar building, a watering hole I used to frequent back in the day. It was nostalgic and prosperous. I must have left that old tavern with hundreds dollars worth of poker winnings over the couple years I played cards there. Hi Carla! Once the building was bought out, Factory remodeled and set up shop there. I checked out the old basement before we took our tour. The memories came pouring back to me. It is fascinating to see a piece of personal history stripped and broken down, left with only the unused plumbing pipes and cracked, shattered floor tiles. The old tavern looked like an unfurnished basement. Loose wires, bricks and mortar; yet the two load bearing pillars in the center still remained purple, a tribute to the owners favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings. That made me smile.

Anyways, Factory was amazing! They had four floors of hustle and bustle. The crew who Ross was working with were dealing with a new Audi website and catalog design. They shared their thoughts about the whole concept and process including traveling and AIM. Ross and his co-workers discussed hiring freelancers and the pros and cons of utilizing a secondary source. He said basically that freelancers are assholes but are reliable. I appreciate Ross’ honesty and non BS approach to his profession. I think that was the most important lesson I learned from our visit to the studio. Everyone who worked there were young and full of spunk and determination. They had dogs running about the studio and giant Apple monitors that made me jealous beyond belief. We got hooked up with some stickers and a Factory wristband that actually cursed my poker game later that night. I took it off and immeditely won all my money back. Even Stephen signing off