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I failed my thesis. See you in the spring


Its over!

I am officially graduating in less than ten hours. It hasn’t hit me yet. I sit here typing on my thin keyboard and I don’t feel any excitement, thrill, or relief at all. I would quote Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb but I think they suck. I defended my thesis project this morning and I was shocked to discover how well I did. Leister told me I was brimming with confidence, in more or less words. Chantra and Ellen both did an outstanding job as well. After the review, I had to go to Thesis class and complain about the faults of the Fine Arts program. Afterwards, I ran over to the Convention Center to pick up my cap and gown. I got a ride back to school from Wafa and then had to hang out for a couple of hours before I could go un-install the gallery. I went home, took a nap, then Beth came over and we headed down to the gallery to see the deck design Leister and I worked on over the past few months. I missed his presence which I feel bad about, but i was glad to see the other entrants in the show. I thought our design looked pretty good in comparison to the others on display. No one bid on our deck, but that is okay. Following the reception, Beth, Matt, Emily and I headed over to Pints Pub for a drink. Matt ordered for us the worst beer I have ever had in my life. It was called Darkstar, served at room temperature. Ewww! We dropped off Matt and Emily then headed to a house party so Beth could drop off a CD booklet design for her friend’s band. Her design was sweet! I was very impressed with her use of space and polaroidesque compositions. No color either. I think she really nailed the bands identity; an identity I had just met.
I will continue to update the blog, even though there is no class requirement for it. Why not? Stay tuned for random pictures and hilarious fables of my life post graduation.


end of the line

The semester is winding down and let me tell you, the pressure is on! I have my thesis show next week and i am freaking out! I haven’t had work in a gallery since highschool. Not only that, but i must defend my work against three different and unique professionals. I think I’m gonna pass out.

I saw this news story on the web and it made me laugh. No those aren’t my¬† shoes, although mine look just like them.

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