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shitty first draft

I have several ideas regarding my Spring 09 Thesis Project. What i have given most thought about though, is an installation piece involving four ordinary objects ranging from primitive to technologically advanced. These ordinary objects have predetermined uses and defined purposes given todays social standards. My idea is to switch up the relationship between the user and the object. Each object will display a moving image, illustrating a reverse role of the object to the viewer. When the roles are exchanged, the object becomes the viewer, and the viewer becomes the viewed, thus providing an active role in the piece.



This is an exploration of perception and an experiment in the reversal of social roles. When a moving image is taken out of its context, it challenges the viewer to think critically.



The artistic elements in this piece, the moving images, will be a combination of animation, experimental, fine art, time lapse, and static imagery. I believe these elements, in this context, will prove to be successful in immersing the viewer and asking he/she to think critically about perception, history, time, and this linear narrative called life.

GOAL: The goal of this piece is to create an immersive installation that asks the viewer to think critically about their own perceptions of the past, present, and future.

INSPIRED ARTISTS: Nam June Paik, William Kentridge, Bill Viola, author James Elkins





another andy jenkins interview

andy jenkins, the art director over at the art dump, discusses the last 17 issues of wallride he has published for the girl skateboards product line. Good stuff, please read!



Obama 09


Bringin’ sexy back


Thesis: Take Two

As I stated before, i went to a meeting with the Sorryface Productions crew last week. They were all available for a quick, “down and dirty” short film the next day. I was in! We met up the next day and began storyboarding our short. Our concept was about a love starved young man looking to create a “missed connection” with women in his neigborhood. My character would approach women, engage in awkward conversation, then abruptly conclude as the women walk away uninterested. My character eventually bumps into a girl who compliments my scarf, yet i depart in a depressed fasion before we can speak. She then posts a “missed connection. ” I go to meet her, but am fooled by another man who takes my scarf and the girl.
This was a sweet experience for me. A lot of this was all improv and quick thinking. I think it is hard to “act” as a character rather than yourself. I, by no means, have any acting experience at all, except for a few white lies I may have told my parents back in highschool. I did appear in the 48 Hour Film Festival last summer but i didn’t have a speaking part tho. I think we scared the hell out of one Beth B. when the crew and i ran into her in the elevator of my friends building. It was a prime opportunity to shoot a scene, and believe me, it came out as awkward as we wanted. Sorry, and thank you for agreeing to be hit on by me for 30 seconds. The short is now in post production. Next week we will be rehersing a more respected piece about suicide, friendship, and comedy. I can’t wait.
In other news, Barak Obama will be our 44th President in several hours. Hooray! I’ve been out skating this week which was sweet. I got a new board, wheels and bearings after Christmas, but haven’t had a real chance to skate them yet until this week.

School starts this week which is kind of a bummer. I have been persuaded to join the Design Studio Four class to make sure “Thesis: Take Two” stays in line and on track. I have some new ideas that I’m gonna run by some people. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have a solid plan and will look forward to nailing this thing to the wall!


mid january

I am officially re-enrolled in Thesis. FUCK! Its going to be so embarassing to be back in school after “graduating” in December. Let this be a lesson to all other potential Digital Design graduates: DON’T TAKE THIS LIGHTLY! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND MAKE SURE IT LOOKS AWESOME AND YOU CAN BACK IT UP WITH RESEARCH, CONCEPT, AND SUPPORTING ARTISTS!
I got a new refrigerator a couple days ago. Its stainless steel and huge and fits lots of stuff. I met some heroes yesterday at The Denver Shop. Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Brandon Beibel, Jeron Wilson, Mike Mo Capaldi, and Sean Malto, all of Girl Skateboards fame, came and did an in-store signing last night. I got a couple gems autographed.p1010002

Carroll was totally stoked to see my Shackle Me Not vid from 1988. I also got Mouse signed, then we chilled and drank a couple beers before the Girl team headed to Keystone for some event. I have a meeting with Sorryface Productions regarding a short film they want to shoot this week. I’ll post details when i get them. See ya!

Also, go see Gran Torino and what do you think of my new blog theme?


Hello January

Since finding out that I failed my thesis and must return for one more semester, January has been awkward and unsettling. I just re-registered for thesis which meant me going down to campus and getting forms filled out and multiple trips to the advising center and bursar. fuck this! anyways… I went to SF for a quick new years celebration. It was awesome. I will have pictures once Toots finds his Sony specific USB cable and gets the pictures off his camera. Wait! I can export a video still from the footage i shot. u2-new-years-jam1

The Slackers played a great show and i was very happy to be there with good friends. Speaking of good friends, i am beyond grateful to say that my good friend Jesse survived the horrendous Eldora Hostage situation that went down last week. It is sad and scary to hear that someone you care so much about had their life put into a psychopath’s hands at the drop of a dime. Jesse made the proper decisions in his situation and came out victorious. THANK GOD! Again, this is just a reminder of how precious life is. If you read this, take time today to talk to the people you love and let them know just how much they mean to you. You might not get another chance.

The Denver Shop premiered the new video, “in color” last week at the mayan theatre. Thank you Beth for accompanying me(i’m very sorry for the lack of veggie options at the pre-party) and everyone else who showed up to support local skateboarding. Denver scene rocks!!! Unfortunately, my tricks got cut from the main feature, but you can still find my hot moves in the bonus features of the DVD. Here’s a montage of the festivities.

In other news, The Cubs picked up Milton Bradley. Newman, my roommate, is looking forward to spring softball. gas is cheap. my fridge busted the other night, leaving me barren and hungry, and i begin rehersal for TWO short films i will be starring in this spring. That’s all I got. Go away snow, Grant needs to skate!

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