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the draize train

Yay! They’re back! Check out the new collaboration Girl Skateboards did with project red. I know what my next two boards will be. So i have been amassing footage for TTT (thesis take two) and it looking really good. I even dug up some old footage from highschool and transferred it to digital. Good stuff! We have a rough cut due on Monday and i already have a five minute piece. Michelle says I still need to work on more complex angles and that my piece presents questions, but no answers. I also need to dig into the “unwritten laws” of the skateboarding community. I think i can do that.

I’ve been housesitting my parents house all week deep in Aurora and i love it. The house is full of food and my two cats. It is a real pain driving into Denver everyday though. I have been riding the train from 9 Mile to school and it takes forever! Oh how I miss my Yale stop. I actually had a horrible nightmare involving the train. Apparently there was an accident on the tracks and our conductor was new. I heard him asking for directions. He kept driving backwards and really fast. At one point I had had enough but before i knew it, I had fallen out of the train! Once i hit the ground, i had to sneak my way through the projects at 10th and Osage without being seen or heard. It was at about this point when i woke up.

Holy shit! Check out this lunchbox i just found in my old bedroom



rush and a push

The new Alien Workshop video, Mind Field, came out this week. My general impression: not that great. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t “pop” either. Omar Salazar has a good opening part, Arto was decent (nice back lip ender). Dyrdek and Berra are old and have short parts, Heath Kirtchart skates to Morrissey, and Jake Johnson has by far, the best part. Tons of switch tricks and a dirty NYC vibe that totally mixes up the flow and feel of the vid. Nice work Jake, you make Mind Field worth viewing again.

We presented storyboards last Friday. Everyone did pretty well and my feedback was very helpful and well on my way to producing a solid piece that will pass me in May.

Mikey G. is home form Afghanistan in one piece; very pleasing. We hung out last night. He hasn’t changed a bit. I was worried that he would have Gulf War Syndrome or Post-War Trauma or something. He said he was quite safe on his base; they were only attacked twice and the attacks were weak. Sounds like the Taliban are a bunch of two-bit pansies with sub-par artillery. Glad yer home Mikey.

I bought a new bike this weekend. It’s a 1968 Raleigh straight outta Nottingham, England. Its been refurbished and rides like a dream. I bought it from this guy. He is a genius when it comes to building bikes. Thanks Jon!

In other news, I met up with Sorryface Productions Monday night and shot a majority of the short film that i star in. It was awesome! I had lines memorized and and we did tons of takes and free dinner. We had two awesome cameras filming, stage lamps, boom mic, a slate girl, directors, and a co-star who had to stand on a block of ice for several hours. It was cool. We are meeting next Saturday to finish up all the loose ends. I don’t know how long post production will be, but hopefully it will be ready to go by April. I have my own video editing to do now, so, see ya!

Here is my friend Jordan after he smashed a bottle on his face, circa 2001



concept, approach, design, confirmed

So I have decided upon my final concept for thesis this spring. Michelle and i discussed my options and we decided that an experimental documentary about skateboarding would be both interesting and fun to do. So I cut loose orchestrating a plan to visually describe the joy and passion that is skateboarding. I soon realized that there is no single reason or answer to the question. However, the answer is there somewhere. Leister mentioned that the answer is much like Plato and his idea of archetypes and the definition of a chair. The chair i imagine in my head is not the one i’m sitting in right now, nor is it the one I ate dinner in growing up. The chair i believe of in my head can never be reproduced in a physical form without imperfections. So the reason I skate, and the reasons my friends skate, although different, can not be physically defined. We have the answers, but presenting them in a physical or verbal form, is difficult. So an experimental documentary about the reasons we skate is the task I have before me. Should be interesting…

In other news, I got my SF vacation photos finally. The weather has been awesome and i have been skating a lot! I even went golfing the other day. Notice to the masses: DON’T LET TOOTS DRIVE A GOLF CART! I suffered whiplash on several occasions, Kyle got knocked out of our cart and then run over by Toots on the 12th fairway. Toots got his cart stuck on a giant pile of sand while chasing me. He also drove it off the course and around the residential block of 25th and York, then broke the rear axle returning it to the shop. We left quickly. I got a new phone this week which is pretty cool

My main man, Tyler Price aka: TP/ Tonka/ Deisel, just got hooked up with Hype Skateboards. You can check out his intro page here.

Not much else is going on… just focusing on my thesis project. i can’t wait for baseball season to start, Cubs are gonna work magic this year. That’s all i got, oh, and this


and this



why don’t you find out for yourself

Bailing friends out of jail is fun, but let’s not make it a habit.

Sorry Phelps

I am now reading speculation about Phelps being fired from Thrasher. Some are claiming it was all a hoax. Whatever…