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i keep mine hidden

The NCAA tournament started today, my money is on Villanova. To the best of my knowledge, they just knocked out American University. Nova must be terrorists or something. Went skating today. I gathered some footage for TTT which should come out good. David Reyes came with us. He’s going on a Foundation/Toy Machine tour next week, pretty stoked.

Not much else is going on, just skating in this awesome weather. I’m going to Newman’s softball game tonight and that should be fun.

Oh! Check out the version city podcast hosted by none other than King Django. He hosts a 30 to 40 minute podcast every week playing amazing reggae from his studio/label as well as jems from all over the world. Really good stuff!



I’m sitting here at work, blogging away on the new computer we got in the back office. I had to hack my way on-line which feels pretty cool. I’m glad to have internet access at work finally. Let me tell you, this shit gets really boring sometimes. My TTT midterm review went down this morning. I was the first to present and it went so well! I’m gonna have to fuck up pretty bad not to pass this time. I was surfing and found an open submission for the Skateboard Film Festival that takes place in Seattle. I think TTT will be submitted soon.

Not much else is going on. Newman finally demoted himself at his work. I’m very happy for him. Speeding home from the wine bar last night, I wiped out on my bike.  It was pretty funny, actually. Thank god i landed in the grass.


hold on to your friends

I found this awesome birthday card that i got for my 19th birthday. I’m happy to say that the three people who signed it are still considered my best friends. Speaking of my birthdays, mine is in one month!

birthday_cardIt’s hard to skate when it’s so windy! Damn!

I’m getting a lot of positive feedback regarding TTT. Even Delevie thinks it has great potential! We have mid-term review/critique next Friday and I’m a little less stressed than I was. I met with Michelle this morning and she had only a few suggestions/alterations that she thinks i should make. Piece of cake! I watched a bizarre movie last night called Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls directed by Russ Myers. Totally weird! i would watch it again, but not for a year or two.