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little man, what now?

Woah! Breaking news, Froston has left Lakai Footwear! They released a press announcement today and it is a bit shocking. My sources in the field tell me that Frosty’s future shoe plans are still unknown. In my own opinion, I see his feet landing in either Converse or Adidas. I think these two relatively new skate shoe companies are running very talented teams and are doing things right. Let Nike SB be an example to both of them (as to what NOT to do). I will post more news as it develops.

My birthday went down last week. It was hella fun! Special thanks goes out to Toots for hooking me up with a The Slackers promotional photograph from 1996. Totally epic!


Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with me on a school night. PS: if you have my hat, i would like it back.

It looks like this:


_________________________________________________________________…and not like this. I still have this….Jah!


has it come to this?

First, TTT is in the bag! I have worked really hard this semester on my experimental documentary, and it shows. Michelle told me that all of us digital design students’ final projects will be on display at the Starz Theatre during finals week. Can’t wait! I’m just wrapping up a few loose ends then riding shotgun in the coupe-de-future. This is bad-ass; i feel so much better this semester than last. I sometimes feel that I was blessed for failing thesis in the winter and having to re-do it in the spring. I have so much more confidence and support this time around. I’m not one for (suggestion?), but it feels good to have more colligues behind me and going through the same shit as I this time.

In other news, The Smiths still rock, Villanova lost tonight, knocking me out of the tournament and 200 dollars, The Cherry Cricket is ALWAYS packed, my kitchen is spotless, and i bowled a 174 tonight, shattering my old record. Things are good! I usually use my blog to complain about shit, but, honestly, not much to complain about. I shall knock on wood as I wrap this up. I need an interesting picture to conclude with, how about this….

p_71aa01e56064I believe this is my grandfather with my aunt and uncle. My father was not born yet, placing this photo around 1950…