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the last of the famous international playboys

I have just heard…Koston’s feet will be landing in…wait….can it be…..say it aint so….Nike SB. Fuck! What a bummer! I was praying it would be es, but too bad. I think it sucks that Nike dropped half thier team to fit Koston under the cap for what, two years? I love him to death, but he is on his last leg. Why not do something with es that will at least keep you in the shoe biz for more than a couple years? Nike stole our boy! Weak.

I passed TTT with flying colors! I scored a 3.3 out of four, nearly doubling my score from last semester. Tight! Everyone else did a great job too. We all went out and celebrated on Saturday. We bar hopped all night and things got fuzzy around 1.00am. I probably made an ass of myself when we were shooting pool at Wynkoop. Sorry ladies!

Just recieved my Mike Carroll (red) decks today. Totally hot stuff. Can’t wait to shred them this summer.


Summer is here! Been skating a lot, riding my bike, golfing, working, sleeping in. Let’s hang out, call me!

My favorite song by The Smiths is Wonderful Woman. It’s about loving someone who is a total bitch. I think we can all relate………right?


I always blow it

Jose Rojo is cool.  Congrats on the promotion!

Still no news on Decision: Froston Shoe Crisis ’09.

I have no frickin idea what’s going down with his feet! <–Sounds weird. Sorry.

My mac is up and running like a brand new computer, because, honestly, it is a new computer, well, new hard drive at least. Everything else is original. It was time I returned that shitty HP laptop back to the closet to collect more dust. Good riddance! My advice: make sure yer hard drive fan is clean and working properly! And back up yer shit…I know.

The final day of class is tomorrow, then the Digital Visions show is at 6pm. Stoked. My piece has been entered in the documentary section of the “festival.” I’m up against three or four other film students from the film department (obviously). That’d be gnarly if i won something.

Kicking it in A-Town this week cause my folks are chillin’ in Mexico; Swine Flu not fazing them at all. I like their neighborhood this time of year, its gorgeous. It’s my own mini vacation in a way. My folks house is like a resort compared to my own place. Let me exaggerate some more….

Here are some stills from my video, goodbye.



six months is a long time…

Well, no news on Froston’s new shoe sponsor yet. Lord Tony at the denver shop suspects most of the girl guys will be leaving lakai also to start something new. We’ll see. Just turned in my thesis books yesterday and it feels good! Afterward, Shansa, Katrina and I went and got drunk downtown. Well, Katrina and I did cause Shansa left her ID at home, whoops! Afterward, Jessica met up with me and we went to Comedy Works cause she won free tickets. It was too funny! I think I want to be a comedian now.

I have really bad news. My Mac crashed last week. My hard drive somehow got corrupted leaving me with a blue screen of death. i took it to the mac store where they are currently replacing my hard drive and a fan. All info is lost including over 100gigs of music, photos and home movies. They say I could send my old drive to a repair shop which would cost close to a grand to repair. I doubt i’ll be doing that. So here i am typing away on my old HP laptop. I feel so primitive!

School is almost over! Good luck to everyone on their finals next week! And come to the Emmanuel Gallery and see my new video, you wont regret it.

And I leave you with a picture from halloween a few years ago at Franny’s house