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truly disappointed

Out skating yesterday, i totally lost my board in the famous Lake Aurora. You know what i’m talking about.  Mike Carroll (red) board number one is finished as it has become soggy and without pop. Fuck! Brando is back in town which is sweet. We’ve been out filming/skating/choreographing. That’s my famous backtail, apparently the only trick i have wired.


I got a badass new EP from Vic Ruggiero this week called On The Rag-Time. Four songs of Vic and a grand piano. It’s pretty sweet.

Rumor has it Vic is also putting out a split record with Kepi in Cali, A full length On The Rag-Time record, and two more full length records in Japan, in addition to just winning the Saddest Song In The World contest in London last week. Vic has been a busy guy this spring, my ears really appreciate it.

Summer has been so awesome this year. It is green as fuck outside, been chillin with the best people on earth, new job on the horizon (possibly), etc, etc…