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…mad at me?

Greetings! I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve updated Stubborn11. Mad at me? too bad. Summer is gone as I see snow falling on my new haircut. thanks Beth. Lets get caught up, shall we? Koston is still on Nike, Tonka is on Hype, Nate Fantasia is back on Listen, Harbour is still killin it on 1031, Joey is a meatball, etc… Whats up Casey and Mikey?! No new job yet; been sending out my resume almost every day.

Went to San Diego last month for my cousins wedding. It was awesome! Here are some pictures:



Yeah it was fun, just ask my brother….

My uncle Ed is the most interesting man in the world, here’s proof:


He can ride a bicycle backwards, surf, and tell the best story you’ve ever heard. He was the leader of a motorcycle gang back in the 70’s, currently a lawyer, and drives a Saab with pride. How did he get so tan?!

Give me a call, Lets go bowling! Gorgeous Jessica and I got hella free games at Bowlero off of Alameda and Sheridan. Lets drink some White Russians and conspire….