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I can take a hint

December is too cold for me. I’ve initiated hermit-status except to go to work or go to Jessica’s house. She and I are going to California next week! Hell yeah! This will be my third time on the left coast this year. Not bad.

Dubnight on Sunday was a huge disappointment; it was the dub, not the company. We had a blast chattin it up with Hellickson but the dub was far from roots. I probably pissed off the deejay last month, whoops! Yeah… Bjorn Borg was one hell of a hockey player, according to my drunk ass.

Blogs i am a fan of:

I decided to take pictures of my bicycles since this is the thieving time of the year. Here they are:

Yes the tires are flat. But it’s December and the ice is thick. Cuss you! Go see Fantastic Mr. Fox, it’s awesome!

I’ve got more San Diego photos and Gilman, Colorado photos to share too.

Me and my brother at the beach house.

Scott and me at the bar across the street with strange shitzu. You can actually see the humidity pouring off our faces.

Me and a French guy who resembles Franny. I kept trying to convince him why Denver is the best. i probably failed. This is when Scott left because he’d had enough…liquor.

Carl and i went to Gilman, Colorado in early fall. Its an abandoned mining town south of Vail that is entirely closed off to the public. We snuck in to shoot photos and find treasure. We found x-rays from the hospital, a 30 year old jar of mayo, stickers, playing cards, and memories.

The old mill. This place is really scary when you go inside. There are hanging hooks everywhere. I wrote a message on the wall in the office. It reads, “don’t live here.”

Old machinery found by the auto garage. Cool stuff.

Been skating when the weather is good. Been breaking boards like crazy though. The Denver Shop is having a party on Saturday 12th of December from noon to 4pm to celebrate Noel S. Boyt and Manik clothing collabo project. Free kool-aid and pizza and everything in the shop is on sale! Everybody wins at The Denver Shop.