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free t-shirt

south park pins (incomplete)     Who’s missing? see if you can guess!

Morrissey record

Bobby B came by the house tonight, then Brando showed up too! It was weird. Bobby brought his dogs over. They were named Galaxy and Altmar….or something. Brando has his eyes set on a new camera and Japan. sounds cool


Alsatian Cousin

Wow, more snow. I am getting really tired of this shit. And of course, it only snows on my days off. It’s cool, I can wait. Been skating occasionally when snow and schedule permit.

Not much going on lately. Dub Palace has moved from The Meadowlark to The Funky Buddha on the first Sunday of every month. DJs Segue and Uplifter spin on the rooftop patio. Cheap drinks and a cloudy atmosphere make the new dubnight a hit! Speaking of dub, i’ve been listening to Turntable Terrorist Terry C’s Echobeach radio show every week. It airs at an absurd time of 2:00am to 4:00am on Friday mornings, but you can download each episode here.

Brando is back from Cali. Tonka is back from Phoenix or NM or wherever the hell he was. We went to Riverspot last week. Nothing happened.

The Slackers new album is coming out next month, can’t wait! Its called The Great Rocksteady Swindle.

If you read this and have it, I’d love to hear it too. Drop me a line.

Sorry for the boring post