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please let me lose

This probably sounds retarded to most of you but I just learned how to email pics from my phone to my computer, for your viewing pleasure! I take the best photos with my phone, but always keep them to myself. Well, tonight i am going to share a few with you. Enjoy…

My brother and I at our cousin’s wedding, San Diego, 2009

Greetings from Aurora! Aurora, 2010

Haircut, Capitol Hill, 2009

Whiskey and dice, Capitol Hill, 2009

Damn! This phone’s resolution is dope! And yeah, obviously I have more fun than you…

Okay, one more…

Roman…with Whitney filming/laughing at something, Montbello, 2010.

Whitney is sitting on a garbage can!  I mean, c’mon!  We need a funny caption here.*

*Please submit yer best caption and I’ll make you a CD*  Ends 06~30~10


wipe New York off the map

Jessica’s birthday was last week and it was awesome! Thanks to everyone who came out to mini-golf, Interstate, and her house for air hockey and drinks. I gave her a vintage bicycle which I bought from Jon the Bike Wizard. You can see pictures of the bike here. She is stoked and so is Miles!

Got the new The Slackers CD, The Great Rocksteady Swindle. My feelings about this album change day to day. My first impression was, “oh my god! hell yes! nice vintage sound.”

Second impression was, “hmmm, it sounds too perfect, too predictable. I was hoping for more variety like The Question.”

Third impression was, “god I hate the chorus on Mr. Tragedy.”

Fourth, “Ok, I’m getting it now. Each song is starting to come into its own.”

Currently, “I really like this album. Its a lot of fun to listen to.”

In other music news, I also got Dont Feed The Cats In Iraq, the collabo piece by Vic and Phil. Strangely, it was released on Asian Man records! The album has all the Tampa Road songs vic did on myspace a couple years ago, all polished up and ready for yer listening pleasure. The CD also came with a book of essays and short stories written by phil about working in Iraq. I like that these songs and stories are not about the soldiers in Iraq, but more about the civilians who were contracted to work over there during war time. Vic and Phil do good.

Go Avalanche! Game six is tonight and it’s a MUST WIN for us to stay in the Playoffs. We’re playing San Jose Sharks and i used to kinda like them (great skateboarders come out of SJ) but ever since Rob Blake knocked out Peter Mueller on an illegal hit last month, I say “no way Jose!”

Rob Blake is a dick!


fantastic bird

Got a haircut.

Jessica did too.

Thanks for coming to my birthday party.

Avalanche playoffs!

Dubnight is fun again.

Chickenfingers? C’mon!

Sunshine, go skateboarding.

The Petersen Plan.