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Dr. Robert

Update! I make great fried chicken! Yeah, it’s true.

Been listening to Friends of Dean Martinez, good stuff.

Ty Segall is also awesome! His new album Melted is getting a lot of play lately. Jessica and i saw him in San Francisco in December. We were walking home from dinner in The Mission with her cousin Sandra, who stopped and said, “Wait! Ty Segall is playing at the bar back there, he’s really good.” So we went back, snuck past the doorman and cover charge, and watched Ty wail out two songs by himself before loading up all his equipment and leaving. I think he was on his way to another gig. Not bad for a kid who looks like he’s 17 years old. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Brando won 1200 in Blackhawk, bought a new HD cam, then returned it to buy pot. Winner.

His brother Justin said last week, “I’m not hungover! I just drank too much last night and don’t feel good.”

Skated with Pete Eldridge last week. He pretty much only skates switch. Didn’t see that one coming! Neither did Jan.


Yeah, he’s even cooler than he looks.


Lifeguard, guard me from life

Went and checked out the thesis show yesterday since some of my fellow classmates will be graduating next week. I must say I’m very proud of Ellen for going back and giving thesis another shot. Hell yeah, Ellen! The paintings were kinda lame, sculpture seemed cool, photography was tight, and the Digital Design students? Well, everyone did videos except for Claudia and Ron. I’m not trying to sound like a hypocrite, but c’mon! We learned so much more than video production skills! Why are there so many videos on that reel? And one of them was only 1 minute long! Yes, i am a little disapointed with the projects.

I am going to Chicago next month with Toots and Jessica. We’re gonna see the Cubs play the Whitesox at Wrigley Field on the 11th of June! So excited! I hope Obama throws the first pitch, that’d be tight. Can’t wait for this one to drop. Biebel is hella tight!

If you had a clone of yourself, do you think you two would get along?

List of awesome skaters that have dropped off the earth:

Nate Jones. What happened to him? He had such a sick style, especially for being really tall, like me. tube

Sean Payne. Another really tall skater that hasn’t been seen in at least a year. I saw him and The Butcher at the old Vans park many years ago. Probably on a Think tour. He was on enjoi for a minute.  tube

Jake Nunn. Don’t know much about him except he lives in Texas. He had a sick sequence kickflipping this gnar gap published in Transworld waaay long ago. Wish i could find it. Wow, he rode for Think too. tube

Nanda Zipp. tube

And another Roman sighting