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it’s getting colder

Went to Chicago. Got kicked off the train for being a terrorist suspect. Seriously. Had fun in Chicago. Matt pretended to be blind. Ate lots of good food, drank lots of good beer, stayed at a pimped out condo, It was fun.

Skatecamp 2010 was on Sunday. I actually had a really good time. You can see pictures here on this other blog.

Everyone has a blog these days.

No one submitted a caption for the Roman and Whitney Picture Contest from a few posts ago, so no one wins a CD from me. Yer loss.

Repaired my bike last week so I’ve been riding it lots. Gonna fix my Fuji when I get the funds to do so.

On the train before we got booted.

Kids hate me.

my brother and his dog, Remy.

After many years of disgust, I’m wearing shorts again, may He have mercy on our souls…