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going down

Well my ankle has been sprained for over a week now. It is starting to suck big time! I haven’t worked in over a week which has been good, but I haven’t skated since the accident either. On Saturday, Jessica and I went to Tooey’s for the Hallelujah premiere. It was dope! Unfortunately, Skatecamp 10.2 was the next day. Most everyone showed up so I’m told. I didn’t make it due to the injury.

We went camping last week. I was really excited to go, but after the whole experience, i was a little disappointed.

Lucy was kinda bummed too.

I can hang out with my friends and drink beer and sit outdoors at home anytime, so why do I need to go to the mountains and not sleep just to do all that? Well, I don’t have an awesome stream in my front yard, do I?

Yeah outside!

The Cubs will be in town this week and I can’t go! Stupid work… The club has looked better in the past couple weeks, even though they aren’t playing Fontenot as much as I’d like. Just an occasional pinch-hit here and there. No worries though. Pinella is retiring at the end of the season and rumor has it that Ryne Sandberg is in the running for replacement head coach. I think that is tight!

Another boring post. Just letting you know that I’m not dead, just slightly crippled. If you plan on murdering me, now is the time!


here comes the weekend

Local Customs: Lonestar Lowlands

I shall now attempt to go camping with Jessica and Dale on a severely sprained ankle.

Wish me luck; I’ll be home Thursday night.

And don’t worry, I’m bringing MacGyver Burgers!


please, mr. kennedy

It’s 4th of July weekend and I am house-sitting in Aurora. People who know me well know I love looking after my parents house when they go on vacation, which is often. Too bad I’m working so much that I actually wont spend much time here. Make it count! The backyard looks amazing, even at 1.30am. I think it’s crazy how much the neighborhood has changed, yet stayed the same. I can actually remember 20 years ago, before we had fences, the Rankins lived next door, Sernaskis across the street, Colemans, Matt Debus, Matt Webb etc… Speaking of Matt Webb, one afternoon, he, my brother and i were playing with fireworks and one got loose and shot right up Matt Webb’s leg. He got burnt to shit! It was awesome! Luckily his dad was a doctor. Too funny!

I’ll be here until Monday. I’m getting my Fuji fixed up and should be operational by Tuesday or so. Thanks for squeezing me in, Jon!

Jessica’s new roommate arrived from NY today. Her name is Kathryn. Looking forward to meeting her.

Miles got a bath the other day; now he smells like coconut.

World Cup? Been claimin’ Germany since day one!

We found a sweet new bar that has great specials and an awesome patio. It’s called The Open Tap on Broadway and Arkansas. Baxter is the resident hounddog and he’s the nicest bulldog you’ll ever meet. Also, on Thursdays, There’s a 10 piece cajun band that practices in a garage across the alley in back. Surely beats karaoke!

BTW, I went stormchasing with my brother last month. It was uneventful, but I had a really good time with Scott, Carl, and John. Here’s a picture of me in Shittsville, Nebraska.

Top Gear season 15 started last week. I’m impressed so far. It was too funny when Jeremy Clarkson kept flipping the Reliant Robin 3 wheeled car. Good thing he had installed the 4 point harness and crash helmet. Brilliant.