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he’s bad, bad, bad

Hello. I’ve been on pins and needles this week. Jessica has been waiting to hear back from a job she was promised last week. The anticipation is killing me! What else? Saw Ty Segall last week at the hi-dive on Broadway. It was amazing! His guitar broke so he borrowed one, his mom and aunt were there, the encore was my request. I love The Drag! I bought a shirt that says “you can’t spell party without Ty.” Get it? good. I talked to him for a minute, he was nice. Jessica’s cousin saw him the next night in Boulder and it sounded like an awful show at a shitty venue. Too bad.

Picture time…

This is the Fuji Fixie. I think I should name the bike. Any suggestions? I actually just put new tires on the beast. Apparently Performance Bikes on Colorado blvd. is “a toy store” compared to Campus Cycles on Evans. I went in looking for tires for this bike. Performance tells me that this size tire is pretty rare and that they could order it, which would take a week. I decided to head towards DU and check out Campus Cycles on Evans ave. They had “…literally hundreds of tires in that size.” I picked up two and mounted them on the Fuji that afternoon. I will never shop for cycling goods at Performance Cycles on Colorado blvd. ever again.

The final Skatecamp of the season was on Sunday and let me tell you, it was a hit! Camp went off without a hitch, and the afterparty at Tony’s house was balls out! I won 22 bones in C-Low in four hands. Took the money and ran! Jessica made it and we had tons of fun.

Here is Jeff Hammerton impressing the ladies with stories of Colorado Springs. Tony got caked, some girl passed out, Chad Lewis never fails, Noel Boyt drank cheap Canadian Whisky, what else could you ask for?

I’ll be housesitting next week. Look forward to rants and raves about Aurora, late night posts, and pictures of my two awesome kitties! Hstoked…



Just went to the bar with my boss, Lemons, and her new “boyfriend,” Scott. I know she’s been really frustrated with her husband for the last couple years,  so Lemons has moved on. It’s been pretty crazy at work lately. Lemons showed up tonight wasted and invited me to Milos after work, which I accepted. Kinda weird. I got to meet Scott formally and talk to him 1 on 1. I am glad he is making her happy, but I hope she knows and accepts that Scott is a total Crazy Heart. Get it?

“Hey Ryan, how’s the knee?”

“It sucks…”

“you should start smoking”

This is what Skatecamp is all about. Even the teachers can be taught. Injured? Drugs and alcohol, sunshine, cool t-shirts, Jan rides a Peugeot fixie. He and I would have been BFFs if we went to highschool together. Too bad he’s 10 years younger than me. Get ’em Jan!