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10:15 saturday night

Good evening. I’m broadcasting live from Aurora, Colorado at the early hour of 2:13am on Thursday morning. My folks are in Mexico… again. The last time they took me to Mexico I was 6 years old. That was 21 years ago! So I’ve been watching the house and taking care of the animals, and working so much! I hate work, but so does everybody. I saw Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings last night at the ogden theater. The show was alright, I suppose. It didn’t blow me away nor make me a new fan of the opening band, but I didn’t have a horrible time. Oh, and Jessica’s car didn’t get towed either.

So I know this guy named Patrick who is Jessica’s friend’s roommate. I’ve been to his house a million times and thought I knew this guy somewhat well. I learned yesterday that he is the headmaster of a Denver based doom-metal band called Crypticus. I had no idea that he played music, let alone records and produces amazing doom-metal in his basement.

My friend Emily just moved to Boston. Here’s a picture of her poundin a 40oz in an alley back in July. Impressive. She’s way cool, gonna miss her.

Machete is a great movie.

My brother bought a Subaru.

I heard my parent’s dog bark for the first time ever tonight.

Betty Wright’s album MY FIRST TIME AROUND (1968) is amazing.    link

Ryan Lorenz is a great skateboarder.

The Interstate, Sunday nights. Hey Kevin!

Those two asian skaters at Trails Park are hilarious! Keep On Skatin!

So there is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary literally around the corner from my house. The other day i was driving eastbound on Yale ave, thru the school zone, and there was a kid tossing around one of those signs which normally advertise new condos or cheap sub sandwiches, but he was advertising for the dispensary! IN THE SCHOOL ZONE! He was literally under the flashing light indicating slow speed limits, children near by, and 40 dollar 1/8ths!.

The Fuji is in great condition at the moment. Its fixed, functional, yet not hip. Just what I was looking for.



Summer is winding down just as my ankle has begun to heal. Went skating yesterday with a surprisingly large group. Brando, Chad Lewis, Tonka, Whitney, Murph, Steven, Ryan L. and Shardy. Met up at Stapleton and I immediatly broke my board. It sucked! I was totally at the shop 45 minutes prior contemplating whether or not to get a new board. I didn’t, which ruined my day. Not really. My deck was still “skateable” but felt very soggy and pointless. We went to that 3 tier ledge round thing in the middle of a field and clowned around. Tonka was trying front 3s off the top tier and broke his board too. He actually fell into the pit center full of moss and grime and garbage on that attempt. Classic “Tonka smash!” Oh, and Shardy has always been unbelievably talented on his board, and effortless too!

Some jackass nailed my parked car the other night. Total crap.

My bumper isn’t in too bad of shape, but seriously! He apparently hit another car five blocks away, then got chased by the victim until he took a corner too wide and nailed my car. The cops were called, suspect was arrested right in front of Jessica’s house, and I am left with a case number and a phone call to my insurance company. Gracias Amigo.

As we speak, I’m in Aurora housesitting my folks house. They went to Phoenix for a Parks and Rec convention or something. My dad designs rec centers so i suppose it’s in his best interest.

Did I mention we say Ty Segall a couple weeks ago? Here are some pics I shot with my sweet new phone!

Aurora is fun but I’ve been working super long shifts and haven’t been able to spend much time out here. My cats and dog are cool, I guess they’re used to boring.