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kinda man

So my brother, who is an avid “storm chaser,” asked me to design a header for his website. His initial idea was to revolve around the “CCCP” logo/concept. Apparently his website attracted a lot of Soviet interest as his site went along the lines of CCCO ( So here is a timeline of sorts of the process in which I created his new header. Enjoy!

Original graphic sent to me

I was told to change the P to an O. Not hard, just grab a piece of any other letter and fill in the gap.

Easy. I also made one with a bit of swirling, tornado like texture as well.

Around this time I find out that the logo looks great on the website, but it has been squashed because the header only takes images that are 880x100px. My text/image had been brutally beaten! TYPE CRIME! I immedietly went to work on a new image that was exactly 880×100. He also told me he wanted black and white.

A short while later, I came up with this. Proper size, B/W, and an added radial gradient slightly off-center that really “pops!” My brother tells me he really likes it, but is concerned about the empty space. I understand. This is built to specifications, yet it still lacks a bit of edge and meaning. As a designer, it is your duty to go the extra mile, push a little harder, take care of the client. I gave it one more try.

I am very pleased with this edition. The text has not been compromised, it is B/W, and it showcases one of the strong elements in my brothers website, photography. It has drama, precision, attitude. We will see if it makes the final cut.

So I don’t think my ankle is as bad as I reported last post. Went skating on Saturday and it felt pretty good. I even started doing nollie flips again! Nollie tre? maybe in a few weeks.

Been doing a little freelance for a realtor friend of mine. He requested a few short video tours of houses he had on the market. These short films are to be delivered via web. What’s great about these short tours is that I can film, edit, and produce quickly, allowing real time advertising for the realtor. What makes these tours unique is the use of actual video, considering how prevalent house shopping online is restricted to digital photos only. You can check out our work here.

I designed business cards for my partner and I.

I used Neutraface, a brilliant font.


still ill

Well I think my ankle is still fucked. It’s all lumpy on the front and still hurts when I wake up. Also, I just caught a cold. I hate being sick, I really do.

The Giants won the World Series the other night, congrats Mike Fontenot!

So who’s ripping more? Ishod or Marquis?

I like Ishod. He skates for Real, who, in my opinion, has always had a really tight team and has that SF vibe that no other company has anymore. Remember when The Gonz skated for Real? What about Drake Jones? Shawn Mandoli, Matt Field, Nate Jones? All those guys were tight.

Halloween turned out to be okay. We carved pumpkins at Dale’s house, then Jessica and i went to a party at The Interstate. We danced and ate and i got the hickups. Later that night, Jessica threw up. She’s okay.

And for the record, i was Dr. Steve Brule, not Napoleon Dynamite!