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be a caveman

Went to the Avs Redwings game last night. Great game but the Avs blew it in overtime. I couldn’t help but notice that every Redwings fan in our section was a total scumbag. But really, that’s expected. Jessica tells me that Jugalos originated in Detroit. Not surprising.

My brother is listing his Best/Worst of 2010 on his chase blog. Go check it out!

Well I’m back in Aurora for new years. My folks are in SF. It’s pretty boring out here.

That’s all I got for now.


the boy with a thorn in his side

I try to at least update once when I’m housesitting in Aurora for my parents. However, it’s been a rough week with lots of work and in my opinion, shitty weather. It’s probably more of a mental thing, but ever since winter moved in, I’ve been blue. Its just that I prefer sunshine, short sleeves, green lawns, awnings etc…

So The Slackers are finally coming back to Colorado come January. Hstoked! I will be taking Jessica to the Aspen show on January 5th. We will be riding the powder (no really, skiing/snowboarding) at Copper, then heading to Aspen that night for what is to be the most awesome Slackers show I’ve seen in a bit. Again, Hstoked!

This place is a lot better in the spring/summer/fall. And guess what? Ill be back in a couple weeks as my folks go to SF for new years! I just can’t get out of A-Town in the winter. I need to make some friends out here…