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universal momma

Today is my mom’s birthday. We went out to lunch.

Looking for a job really sucks. I feel very defeated at the moment. Ill keep at it though.

Version City Podcast has returned after dormacy for over a year. Its good to hear King Django hosting again with special guests.

Newman’s car got demolished a couple weeks ago. He’s been on vacation ever since. Vacation, meaning not leaving the house. Tiger Woods Golf 2008 has been getting a lot of play lately. I just found out that the insurance company mailed his check to his brother, three days ago! Those guys are brilliant!

The Avs have been totally sucking lately. Keep Budaj in the net please! Also, they shouldn’t have sent Mauldin back to Lake Eerie. Bad idea.

I bought my aunt a Macbook for her beekeeping business. It is a great little machine. I got her network up and running in the shop and installed Quickbooks 2011. Now she can run invoices etc from either computer. Its been a busy week commuting to and from her shop off of 38th and Fox but I’ve managed to grab a few great meals at the Roobar!

My boss’ ex BF, died last week. I guess it was a botched neck surgery procedure. Crazy!


Well Done Top Gear America: A Rebuttle

So my brother and I are avid Top Gear (British) fans and have been for quite some time. Recently, an American version has been airing on the History Channel starring three American motor entheusiasts as hosts. The show has been rubbish since its first airing. Last week, however, the did an American Pick-up Truck special where each host had to buy an American truck for under 3k with over 150k miles on it. The Dodge, Chevy, and Ford, naturally, were then sent to Alaska. There, the hosts were given a series of off road challenges to see which truck could prove itself “The Mightiest of the Americans.”

Now my brother and i usually see eye to eye on all things TG related, but his applause for this episode left a bad taste in my mouth. I thought the trucks they bought were interesting, but Rutlidge and Adam took absolute shit care of them. Its no wonder that the Ford and Dodge died on the battlefield while Tanner easily made it to the glacier with no problem in the Chevy. He knows how to drive. It is apparent that Rutty and Adam can’t drive and would rather go down in flames for entertainments sake.  And that’s what American television seems to lean towards. Just watch Mythbusters, a show where everything gets blown up, ripped apart or catapulted into the stratosphere. Very entertaining. Remember the bootlegging episode? Adam completely demolished his Cadillac on the off-road course, forgetting that the true essence of the show is to preserve and demonstrate the full potential of the car. And of course, try to win the challenge! I could almost guarantee that if Jezza, Hampster, and Captain Slow took the same three trucks on the same route, all three would make to and from the glacier no problem.