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blue eyed soul

Just went to El Diablo off of Broadway and 2nd for lunch. Ugh! Not impressed! Sure, they have a hundred different tequilas, but the food selection was just awful. Only three different combination plates? Really? I decided on the chile relleno burrito. The waitress asked if I’d like it smothered in green chili, I said yes. My meal arrived barely glazed in green chili and absolutely drenched in sour cream! I hate sour cream! The menu mentioned nothing about sour cream and when asked if I’d like it smothered in green chili, I expected green chili! Well, I scraped off the sour cream because I’m not one to return food, and ate it anyways. Again, just awful. The whole thing fell apart. Carl, across the table, had an equally unsatisfying meal. He wasn’t given the option of soft or crispy relleno, I had to speak up for him, his chicken enchilada was “too sweet,” and the tostada completely fell apart in his hands. This is definitely not the place to go to for real mexican food. Much like Mezcal, El Diablo completely turned me off of trendy new mexican restaurants. Ill stick to La Fogata on Evans and El Taco De Mexico on Santa Fe, thank you very much.

Newman got a new car. He’s taking me out to dinner tonight since I’ve been driving him around for the last month.

Pizza Hut is dumb.

Mesa Vet Clinic in Golden is dumb too.

Archer is really funny this season but my only complaint is that there’s too much weird sex stuff going on.

Actually, that’s pretty funny!

Chris Cole is on DC. Who cares?


bigmouth strikes again

Everyone knows I am a huge Vic Ruggiero fan. I just found this uploaded

I am not Italian. He paints a pretty good picture though.


what difference does it make?

I was browsing radio 1190’s top 100 albums of 2010, and I am proud to say that I own only 3 albums on the list.

#10: Ty Segall, Melted

#37: The Budos Band, The Budos Band III

#91: Various Artists, Local Customs: Lonestar Lowlands

3% hipster. I can live with that.

Further browsing into 2009’s top 100 indicates a rating of 1% hipster (#66: Cass McCombs, Catacombs)

And 2008 with 2% hipster status (#5: Various Artists, The Outskirts Of Deep City, #86: She and Him, Volume 1).

Here’s a data analysis I threw together


meet me here at dawn

Snow! I am so sick of snow at the moment. It’s always cold, work is twice as hard, I can’t go anywhere safely, and it makes everyone pissed off at everything.

Miles even hates the snow too


hand in glove

I am pleased to announce that there will be NO MORE FOOTBALL for seven months! Hstoked! Football is gay!

Did anyone catch The Smiths honorable mention on Parks and Rec the other night? Does anybody even read this?


The Avalanche signed Peter Forsberg today. Hockey; now there’s a sport worth watching. In hockey, the players are tested by endurance, skill, precision, teamwork, offense and defense. The clock doesn’t stop, timeouts are rarely called, and if you score a point in hockey, you get one point! Not seven! Did I mention it’s played on ice?! Skills people, not fat fuckers tossing a giant ball around every ten yards, shit is boring!


This is worth a mention

Yes it is great.

My favorite: OLD WOODEN SAILING SHIPS: They’re beautiful.