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in your car

Went skatin all weekend. It was dope! We went to a ledge over a dirt gap. J Bird front blunted it and i fell really hard. I got wax all over my pants. Then we went downtown and Travis front feebled the Tabor Center rail, as seen above. Then on Sunday, we went to La Raza park. I couldn’t skate the ledge well because I think I’m out of shape, I felt like an idiot. This kid named Mitchell showed up, I think Tony invited him. He was super nice and shy, pushed around a little bit, then took his shoe off to reveal the gnarliest ankle I’ve seen since mine last summer. Mitchell! You should be at home putting ice on that thing! He left shortly afterwards. Get well soon, buddy! I brought my new Canon and shot some photos. Then we went to a crazy launcher thing over by Jessica’s house. I tried to ollie it but it sent me straight to my already sore ass. I took more photos instead.

Tonka, Steve, and Keyhoe ripped. Tony and i ate burritos. Greers were there too, and Joe Bear.

I’m dieing to get the new Cass Mccombs record next month. If you haven’t heard County Line yet, you suck.

Oh, my birthday is next month, I prepared a silly invitation. View it here:

Download it, print it, share it, whatever, just show up

Yes, my Photoshop selections could have been a bit cleaner and feathered but I did this on the quick. And I’m sticking with Neutraface, because i like the font and i don’t care what hipster designers have to say about Neutraface and/or Lady Gaga. Youtube it….


county line

How about them Avs?! Winning last night 3-2 in a shoot out! Ryan Stoa came thru with a top shelf rocket that fooled everybody. Too cool.

Been skatin this weekend. Lorenz and i found a sweet kinked flatbar, perfect for doing transfers over the thing at the kink. We also went to a bank to bar, where Lorenz totally destroyed it. Cool stuff fo sho.



Tonights post comes courtesy of Aurora. Yes, Aurora. The folks are in Mexico, again, and I’m at the crib watching over the dog and cats and the house. It can be fun, but it really cuts into my free time. Whatevs.

I started my internship at OMF. It will be fun. I think I’ll be really productive there. Everyone seems cool and relaxed, but that doesn’t mean it’s a place where I can slack off. I can make real moves there, maybe. I’ve only worked one shift so far so I really don’t know anything yet.

My real job totally sucks ass right now.

The Avs are really sucking right now too.

The weather has been good lately, been skatin.

Justified on FX has kicked ass this season. Rayland is an awesome character and so is Boyd Crowder, especially his hair!

I realized the other day that I only like television shows in which whiskey is consumed on the regs:

Madmen, Justified, Archer, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Boardwalk Empire.


I Don’t Know My Name

I am officially an intern at Open Media Foundation. Fun! My parents are really proud of me. I am excited to be a part of something new and to be involved in a community organization. I look forward to working with awesome cameras and super fast Final Cut machines. And way less hours at stupid Pizza Hut! That haircut really paid off!

Tony at The Denver Shop posted a link to my thesis project on the website. As of this writing, I’ve gotten over 400 hits since he posted the link on February 23rd. People seem to really like it! I didn’t know at first, but then I started getting a bunch of subscribers to my channel. I eventually noticed the D-Shop update and then everything made sense. Thanks Tony!