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I’ll show you what a fisherman can do

WordPress wont accept .tif?! wtf?!



Went skating yesterday, it was dope. We got kicked out of two different spots by the same cop.

Here’s Keyhoe getting wild on an ollie while Brando and Roman look on. I love capturing the media…


bought on stolen wine

Still interning at OMF/DOM

Just ordered Ty Segall~Ty Rex record. 6 T-Rex tracks all covered by Ty Segall, gonna be dope

My moms car got hit with a golfball last week. She caught the guy and made him pay for a new winshield

Don’t mess with mama Hammel!

Jessicas birthday was last week. I got her a Thrasher shirt, Jim Anchower air freshener (3 pack), and a new shot glass for her asthma (wink, wink). Her party was dope. We had a pinata full of candy and booze, I grilled all day, campfire, and a late night trip to The Interstate, which Jessica couldn’t make because she wasn’t feeling well.

Thank you to everyone who came. There were dogs everywhere!

I have a new favorite character on Parks and Rec. Adios, Jean-Ralphio, Orin has taken your place!


a knock upon the door

Thank you to everyone who came to my birthday party on Thursday. I had fun, I bet you had fun, and if you didn’t come, I bet you didn’t have any fun Thursday night. Sucker! People bought me shots, Miles came and hung out, I wore novelty sunglasses, I got a box of fun from my brother, slept well.

Also went skating that day. Went to a gnarly kinker with Tony, Murph, and Mason. We watched Murph perp it, Mason and I played SKATE; I pink-slipped him. Sorry bro.

Got the new Cass McCombs album the next day. It is very interesting. I think I like the last song the best, very creepy.

Newman is moving to Wyoming next month. Ill be heading to the west side.

Speaking of the west side, Jessica is having a birthday party next Sunday. BBQ at her house at 5.00pm, then we’re all heading to The Interstate for more drinks and fun. Be prepared, Kevin!