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wonderful woman

The last week has been hell. Not really that bad though. I got in a car accident a couple weeks ago…no big deal. I find out that the damage is a lot and the insurance company wants to total the car and write me a check. In the mean time, I’ve been moving all week over to Jessica’s house, which has been a real shitstorm. Not on her part, but on the Locust Street front. My and Newmans place amassed quite a lot of shit over the years, and it seemed like the more we got out, the more showed up. The place finally got clean and our landlord came over today to check it out. It looked good so we will probably be getting back our entire deposit. Sweet!

My crazy ex-neighbor stopped me yersterday and asked if I still wanted her old Schwinn in the garage. I first said no, but Jessica convinced me to take it if I had room…I got it!

This antique needs some work, but honestly, it’s in really good shape as is. The rear basket is tight and it has a 3 speed internal hub, gene-light combo, and speedo. I could totally fix this up and sell. Or keep it?

Now that I am moved into Jessicas house, I’m housesitting in Aurora. Timing this week has been awful. Whatevs… My folks went to New Mexico (uuuugh) for the week, leaving me in charge of the house.

Went to Hellicksons house last week for a minute

A Crappy’s Pub coozie from the worst place in middle-earth, Galesburg, Illinois. We got caught up with the feds in Galesburg last summer, it sucked. Pardon me if I don’t looked stoked.


gettin out of Omaha

My brother was on the news last night!

Also, some jackass nailed my car last night! It sucked, my car is mangled. I’m okay. I’m waiting for the claims adjuster to call me back at the moment. This sucks…


Boys Don’t Cry

The Fuji is going to a good new home, in Breckenridge! Some guy came by on Friday and bought the bike for his son who needs something to cruise around on during the summer. I hope he’s happy with it. Maybe some day I’ll end up in Breck and see the bike again. Doubtful. I will surely miss the Fuji, I actually put a lot of work into that bike. : (  I mustn’t get too sad though because I still have the Raleigh, which will be getting a serious overhaul in the next couple weeks. The Raleigh is more my size anyways; the Fuji was a bit too small for me, as illustrated in the last post.

I managed to fix the new needle I got for my turntable today. So I got a new needle last month, but it sounded awful on my turntable. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the head of the needle was dragging on the record. It turns out that the actual needle and the little finger its attached to is much more flexible than my old one. The needle was giving in or sagging due to the weight of the actual plastic head that encases the needle. So I MacGyvered the needle by shoving a tiny wad of paper into the headcasing, thus making the needle more taught. Now it plays like a dream!

Ive been slowly packing up my room since I’ll be moving in a couple weeks. It looks like I’ve hardly made a dent, but I’ve managed to donate at least three full garbage bags of clothing to a donation center, and four garbage bags of garbage to the…garbage. Does anybody know of a place that will recycle my old laptop and shitty printer? It’s so shitty! I don’t want to just throw them away, seems like a waste.

I hope The Bruins make it to the Stanley Cup and win. Looks like Vancouver with be their competitor. The Canucks are really good but I just hate those Sedin brothers!

Its been raining here for like three days straight. Its lame, lots of time spent indoors.