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Today is my brothers birthday! We’re going to Reivers in Wash Park tonight. It should be lots of fun! I got him a new pair of shoes.

The first skatecamp of 2011 went down on Sunday. It was fun but towards the end, all the Aurora locals who weren’t allowed into the park started getting rowdy. It sucks cause they don’t know that there wouldn’t even be a skatepark in Aurora if it weren’t for OUR efforts 11 years ago. Whatevs. They can have their crummy skatepark for the other 362 days of the year. Afterwards, the whole team went to Tonys house for cocktails and BBQ. Brando and Tonka both got caked because they each had birthdays in the last week.

In other team news, Josh Murphy is on Zero. He took the guys out around town a couple weeks ago and ended up showing off some moves that The Chief was quite fond of. Front feebs pop-out on that gnarly rail off of Logan and Iliff? I guess he also destroyed the big rail by the pool at Smoky Hill too. Nice work Murph!

I met Bernie, the Avs mascot a couple weeks ago at the zoo. He was nice.

Bernie likes Froston.

Ty Segalls new album, Goodbye Bread, got a pretty good review by the AV Club. I knew it…


Buick Mackane

Got my new car!

Went on a six brewery tour on Saturday with Jessica, Carl, and Dale. It was awesome! We drank a lot, Carl passed out on the bus, I got the hicupps repeatedly, and then we went out with Lindberg that night. Slept for 13 hours and still felt shitty the next day. Like the tree said to Thrasher Magazine, “Well worth it!”

Ty Segalls Goodbye Bread comes out tomorrow. I will reluctantly head over to Twist n Shout on Colfax to purchase the vinyl. It looks like this:

Did I post the album cover already? Who cares? I have already heard the album and i must say, very impressive! It is very mellow and “trippy” at times, but also still very rough and Ty. My favorite track is Where Your Mind Goes, simply brilliant. Good work Ty and band, can’t wait to see you again in October.


i wear black

Todays post comes live from my new house! That’s right, I now live in the Waesche Manor off of west Expo. It is really cool. We have been riding bikes and walking dogs, weekly BBQs, trips to The Interstate etc…

In other news, my good friend P-Gar informed me that Cass McCombs is coming to town in late July. Hstoked! I’m especially excited because the show starts at 11pm, which means Cass wont go on until after midnight. Late night shows are awesome.

Still waiting for my check from the insurance company so I can go buy a new car. In the meantime, I’ve been driving a Kia rental. Boo!

The DOM/OMF has asked me to do another internship in the Production Department. I agreed. Honestly though, I thought that was what I signed up for in the first place. When I interviewed back in late February, it was for editing, but when I came in for my first shift, they stuck me in the equipment room. No worries though, I learned a lot in the equipment room.

I got my shitty phone replaced the other day. It sucked, I couldn’t text or make phone calls for two weeks. LG is a shitty company who makes shitty phones. Do I sound like Stan Marsh?

Go Bruins! They have been skating circles around Vancouver lately. Luongo has had 11 goals scored on him in the last two game! Ill tell you why: he has no playoff beard! Unlike Tim Thomas (T²) of the Bruins.