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We went and saw Cass McCombs last night! It was a really good show. Joey and Jesse were there too. After the show, I saw Cass and I think I made an idiot of myself. I asked to get a picture with him and he told me he didn’t really like pictures. I’m sorry for fanning out like crazy, I’m sure he thought I was a real ass.

Aly took Jessica and I home after the show and I think I left a poster in her car, dammit!

Since i couldn’t get my picture with Cass, I took a picture of me and Miles instead.



the honeymoon song

It’s been raining like crazy out here! Every day! Last night, after the crazy storm, Jessica and I let Miles out to go pee. He happened upon a skunk in our yard and literally rang it like a ragdoll. We thought at first it was a cat (oh no!) but after smelling him, we knew it wasn’t. Unfortunately we had already put him in the house. So the dog smells like a burning tire, the house smells like a burning tire, and there’s a dead skunk in the yard. We hosed off Miles and treated him with a secret recipe, then I got out a shovel and took the dead skunk to the dumpster. And this all happened at around 11:30pm, what a night!

I started my Production Internship at OMF a couple weeks ago. I’ve already made two commercials for our new learning lab, went to the Colorado Irish Festival on a Field Shoot, and have been organizing and editing the 10+ hours of footage from the festival. It is really cool and lots of fun. I wish I could work more than just two days a week, but that’s all the time they have for me. Bummer.

Here’s a picture of Jessica and I from the Brew Tour we took last month. This is from the Odell Brewery in Ft. Collins, stop two of six breweries.

Chad Lewis, killing it!

Chad is claiming front board on a handrail in the Tech Center. I told him if he tried it, I’d try either fs hurricane or backtail (shove). I think Marc Johnson backtailed this rail some years ago, so I gotta add a little flair on the way out. I can’t wait for this skate-off!