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untitled jam

Blogging from Aurora, the folks are in South Dakota.

Carl threw an awesome party last night at his new house in Englewood. He thinks its pretty ghetto so he themed his party “Englehood.” Jessica and I dressed as Juggalos, Carl was a gangster, and everyone else there was dressed normal. Lame-Os! Scott showed up later with a beer in a brown paper bag so he gets one point for effort.

It was fun.

Has the economy got you down? Don’t worry, I know a place that can offer you all the luxuries of 2005 with the affordability of today!

Get your hamb today!


new york city blues

Just went skating on a very hot day here in Denver. Chad Lewis and I went with a bunch of dudes over to a wierd little launcher at an abandoned put-put golf course. The launcher was gnar but Nate Fantasia found this other bump over a bench and grass. He ollied it first try, naturally, then this other dude whose name escapes me, kickflipped it real buttery. See below:

It’s a little blurry cause I’m still figuring out my shutter speeds etc… But I think it looks pretty good considering how shady this spot was, literally. Check out Chad Lewis in the background, being a dork of course.

In other news, I made graphics for DOMs First Friday live show that aired last night. Something I made was on live TV! I was happy, my folks are happy, and hopefully, I will be asked to make new ones next month too. We’ll see.