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Hand Glams

Parks and Rec: A Demise?

Last weeks episode of Parks and Rec was terrible. I was very disappointed. Here is a breakdown of what went wrong and whats going wrong with this show.

Ann Perkins: Why is she even on this show? She plays no role whatsoever. She is pointless.

Tom Haverford: Entertainment 720 isn’t belly up yet? His entire plot makes no sense to me. He should just come back to the Parks department and everyone will act like nothing happened.

Chris Traeger: That haircut has got to go!

Leslie Knope: Keep at it.

Ron Swanson: Leader of the Pawnee Rangers?  Why didn’t he take those kids out to the woods, Swanson style? Ron Swanson has become all talk and no action.

Andy and April: Since they got married, they’ve become boring and lame.

Ben Wyatt: I don’t believe that he’s a nerd. I just don’t buy it.

What ever happened with the pit? I liked the idea that every episode showed some progress in improving the pit situation. And now Leslie’s running for City Council? Isn’t she? They haven’t mentioned it once since the first episode of the season. If they aren’t focusing on that aspect, then there’s no reason why Leslie and Ben can’t get back together. I do like that Jerry has spoken a bit more this season. He’s the last remaining sign of life on this sinking ship.


Babylon Low Way

Jessica and i went to Boston last week. It was tons of fun! We stayed with Lindbergo in the North End of town. It was very historic and almost European. There was a graveyard right around the corner from her awesome apartment. We ate awesome food and drank lots of beer. Watched the Avalanche beat up on the defending Stanley Cup champions, and we went on the Duck Tour (google it). The trip went way too quick, here are some pictures:

We had an awesome time, thank you Lindbergo.

In other news, Jessica and i saw Ty Segall again. This years show was way more packed! There was a horrible mosh pit and his set was way to short. We still had a good time though.