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Henderson Swamp

Its the first of December and the snow is back! It’s frickin freezing out today so I’m staying in.

Went skating this past weekend with Lorenz and the No Love guys, it was fun. We went to this gnarly flatbar, then to the two up two down manny pad off of 29th and Kearney. After that, we shredded this weird wallride thing waaay out in the ghetto. By then, the sun had gone down so we called it a day. Everyone got footage!

Still interning at DOM but I’ve been sick this week so I only went in for a couple hours on Tuesday. About a month ago, I got a phone call from the Comcast recruitment office. They asked me a bunch of questions about a position I applied for, then told me to wait for a call-back to set up an interview. Well, like I said, its been about a month and have yet to hear anything back. I don’t know what to do. Carl says to be patient and wait because Comcast moves very slow and plus, since its the holidays, they might be in a hiring freeze. My brother says basically the same thing, be patient, they move slowly over there. I hate being patient!

Things are pretty quiet around here. PH is back to normal, my brother bought a house, Toots tells me he’s gonna stay with his brother in northern Idaho for an undetermined amount of time. Hope he likes hunting! Jessica and I are thinking about heading to California in January to stay with her brother and his new wife, Kayla. I like California in the winter time, its so nice!