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I can smell the columbines

Live update from Aurora! My folks are in Las Vegas for my moms 60th birthday!

So.. whats new? Jessica and I went to LA last weekend to hang out with her brother and sister and family. It was 90% cool, 10% too much family. Vacation is supposed to be about getting away from the things you dislike about home. Nuf said… We went to two Avs games. We went 1 and 1. Pictures to come later…

Still interning at OMF, still waiting to hear back from Comcast… people are telling me to give up/let it go. Whatevs, fuck you.

Sorry, don’t have much to say. Just waiting for spring to show up. I really don’t like the winter. It was really nice going to California for a few days, to see green trees and green grass in January. It even rained one day while we were there. It was fantastic, surreal.

I just realized that this blog has been in existence for about 4 years. When’s my Cake Day?