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Reel Around the Fountain

Hello. Toots says my post suck, so I’ll try to make this a good one.

Jessica and I saw Cass McCombs at the Hi Dive last week. We braved the snow and took the bus. It was too easy! Also, Cass and I made amends; he doesn’t hate me like I previously thought. I even got his autograph. The show was a lot of fun because not many people showed up (like Chad Lewis and Paul Gardner!) so the show was quite intimate. Jessica had lots of fun and even Kevin from Interstate showed up!

So last night, Jessica and I are watching hockey, and I get a text from Rennie telling me to have fun at The Slackers show tonight. wtf? I asked myself. I thought the show was in March! I hopped on the intraweb and sure enough, The Slackers at The Bluebird February 15th! “Holy shit!” I said aloud. I grabbed Jessica and off we went. The show was par for the course, they played all the standards, and Kevin was there, again! Toots even showed up too. He and I ran into James Lewis of all people and he bought us shots. Thanks, old friend. The Grants were there with Bryce. Toots, Jessica and I went to The Goose afterwards for a nightcap, we saw Dave Hillnod there.

I like food. Here is a list of my favorite burgers around town in no particular order:

Grandpas Burger Haven

5 Guys



Cherry Cricket

Spring is right around the corner and so is my birthday! Ill have to whip up a new birthday invitation for me and Jessica since her birthday is 10 days after mine.

I suppose it’s time to update my overall Hipster Data Analysis for the year 2011. 2011 looked pretty good. My findings are, of course, based on radio 1190s top 100 albums of the year.

Lets see what I got:

22. Ty Segall, Goodbye Bread

37. Cass McCombs, Humor Risk

Which puts me back down to 2% Hipster for 2011, and 2% overall. Not bad.

Woah! Looks like the pants got a little tight back in 2010!


My favorite animals:

Well, that’s gonna wrap it up for now.  See ya round!