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You Have Incredibly Good Taste

One of my favorite blogs has finally called it quits. Extra Track…  has wrapped up reissuing ALL single releases by The Smiths and Rough Trade. It was quite a project and my hat’s off to Analog Loyalist for all the hard work put into it. It was always a treat to go to the blog and find a new post. Here are some of my favorite cover arts from the project:


You can find a very full and detailed catalog of all Smiths artwork here.

This will be a short post because I gotta go to work in a few minutes.

Miles has a new girlfriend!


That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Today is Mrch 8th and I’m wearing shorts outside! Spring is in the air and it’s making me quite happy. Miles is happy too.

This seasons Top Gear UK has been amazing! No bullshit, no filler, just great motoring.

Other great shows on TV this Spring include:

30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Alcatraz, Justified, Archer, The Daily Show.

The Avs are on the breach of playoff contention. We’ve traded a few players, picked up some Allstars (Downey, McGinn, Connoly) and Varlamov has tended our goal like a true champ. I think we’ll be playing post-season hockey for sure!

So Ty Segall has teamed up with White Fence for a collabo album coming out in late April. Its called Hair. Its gonna be badass! Speaking of White Fence, he has a new (double) LP coming out this summer too. You can check out a track from it here. Holy shit! Sounds just like T. Rex. I think White Fence is pretty sweet.

My Birthday is coming up next month. I’m excited, I’ll be hosting a get together at the Crimson Canary on Broadway… after the Avs game of course. I’ll be making invitations soon.


Okay, the invitation is ready!