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King Of The Decade

It’s mid-May and things here in Denver are pretty good. Its a little rainy today but no big deal.

News: I am very close to landing a new job at the Comcast Media Center. I have my third interview next week; shit’s gettin’ real.

My brothers new car got destroyed in Oklahoma Texas last week. Link

Jessicas car window got busted out by some neighborhood thugs last week. They hit at least three other cars on our block too. Assholes…

The Lancer is running great.

Been getting tons of vinyl in the mail lately:

Ty Segall and White Fence, Hair

Bad Cards (Vic, Ara, Jay) 7″

White Fence, Family Perfume vol. 1 and vol. 2

Game of Thrones on HBO has been melting my mind. It is so good! We watch it every Sunday night at the Gardens because Dale has access to the auditorium projector. That means BIG screen and crazy surround sound. Its BYOB but the liquor cabinet there is always “unlocked” too.

I picked up some brats from the Alpine Sausage Co. located right down the street from my house. OMFG! These things are “ fucking good!” as Jerry Seinfeld would say. We threw them on the grill, cracked open some beers, and had  the time of our life. I had no idea this place existed and that it was so close to my house. They’ll be getting a lot of my business.

That’s all for now.