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Look what I got in the mail yesterday! Ty Segall Band Slaughterhouse. It rips pretty hard. I’m super excited because when I pre-ordered the vinyl back in May, they said the CD would be released in late June but LP wouldn’t be released until July. Looks like somebody got their shit together.

My brother has a really funny story about a trip to 7-11 on his chase-blog. Read it here. Today is his birthday. Happy 34th, Scott.


Buried Alive

June has been an exciting month. I have been to the cinema twice this month which is unheard of! First up was Prometheus. Thanks to Toots for taking us out to see it on his birthday. However, one word can describe this movie: LAME! Apparently I’m not one for sci-fi cause this movie really blew. It put me to sleep, then, once I had awoke, it really gave me the giggles. I don’t think the movie aimed to send one into a slumber than giggle-fits. Perhaps it was the cocktails I had consumed before the show. Overall: D.

Yesterday, Scott, Dale and myself caught an afternoon matinee at The Mayan. Moonrise Kingdom was the feature and I also have just one word to describe the new Wes Anderson film: FUCKING AWESOME! Moonrise blew Promethius out of the water! It was a lovely flick about a boyscout and a troubled young lady running away into the wilderness. And Jason Schwartzman plays a small role too. That is all I’ll say. Go see it! Oh, and the soundtrack was nothing short of brilliant, full of all those old 60s (French) pop tunes that Wes and I both love (I love 60s pop in general, not necessarily French 60s pop). Overall: A.

My new job is pretty cool, other than commuting to Littleton every day. Everyone is really nice, professional and supportive. I like working with people who actually value their job. At the Hut, our employees didn’t give a shit about showing up on time, or working hard. Their idea of good metal was Pantera or Megadeth. Most employees didn’t even graduate highschool. CMC employees are a bit more tuned-in, which is a huge bonus when it comes to co-workers.

Dale bought a giant telescope. It’s over four feet tall.

We’ve got the Annual Denver Shop Skatecamp June session coming up on Sunday. Tony just called to see if I can make it. Technically, I have Sunday off, but since I work overnights now, I get off from Saturdays shift at 7am, Sunday morning. Skatecamp starts at 10am. I told him I can make it, but I’ll be a zombie on wheels. He said it’s cool either way. I really want to go though since I haven’t been skating too much lately.


Easy Rider


As If We Didn’t Know

It is early June and things are looking pretty good out here on west Exposition ave. Jessica and I have agreed to sit a couple dogs for the summer. Their names are Lucy and Winnie. We got them on Saturday and will have them until mid-August.

Miles likes both of them a lot and I also think he thinks he’s a pimp for having two girls live with him all summer.

Did I mention I got a new job?! Yes, it’s true. I am a Contract Master Control Operator at Comcast Media Center in Littleton. My first day was Monday, 7am sharp. I’ve now worked three days and I really like it. I’ve been monitoring and troubleshooting the TVone channel. It’s like BET for older folks. I’ve sat through a Martin marathon, Good Times marathon, and The Jeffersons marathon. But hey, someone has gotta make sure this stuff airs correctly. I received a namebadge with “Green” Security Access, and, thankfully, the Hammel name carries some weight around there.  I am a Contract Employee which means, technically, I am employed by a temp agency and not Comcast, but with a little luck, timing, and hard work, a position will be offered. I’m getting ahead of myself.

So since I have a new job, I gave stupid Pizza Hut and DOM the boot. I’ll miss DOM for sure, all those people are really awesome, but Pizza Hut can go suck it! I threw a small FUPH party on Saturday; thanks to everyone who came (Toots, Dale, Heather, Kai, and Finley). I had fun. I hope you guys did too.

Here’s my impression of me once I quit Pizza Hut for good:


Game of Thrones just wrapped up on Sunday. The finale was dope! I’m glad Cersi has been freed from Joffrey, the little Stark girl has escaped the castle, and Kalysee got her dragons back and torched that dark magic fucker. Tyrion has survived the battle, but he’s scarred and has been demoted. Poor half-man. I can’t wait for next season! Oh! and what about those Snow-Zombies at the end?! I’m not one for zombies, probably because they’re so popular nowadays, but I thought the Snow-Walkers were really cool.


That is all I’ve got for now.