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In Your House

Well it’s been a very crazy week in Denver. It’s reached over 100 degrees every day since the beginning of July (give’r take), some asshole shot up a movie theater in Aurora, and Skatecamp ’12  was a hit once again. I got cooked at skatecamp in borrowed shoes nonetheless. Thanks Rennie.

I’m starting to settle in to my new job. It is still weird commuting to and from Littleton five nights a week but my car is running strong and I don’t ever really run into traffic. I take Santa Fe to Mineral at night, and I take University south to Yale/Logan/Mississippi in the morning.  It’s a really nice, relaxing drive thru Cherry Hills at 7:30am. The Comcast Media Center is always full of people, even at 4am, because television does not stop. The coffee pot is always full which is a good thing and the building is always freezing because of all the equipment in there. It sucks wearing pants and two shirts in the middle of the summer and having a much needed jacket in your backpack. My section of the building will be launching the PAC 12 channels very soon. They have been doing construction inside the building every day. It’s amazing how much the place has changed in the six weeks that I’ve been there. I’m glad I’ve landed a job at a place that is obviously growing.

As I’m sure everyone has heard, some uber-douche shot up a movie theater in Aurora last Thursday night. I am eternally grateful that the tragedy didn’t affect me personally, especially considering how close to home it took place. My condolences go out to anyone and everyone this has affected. I hope justice is served “ quickly and gruesomely as possible”(Principal Skinner).

Skatecamp ’12 Session two went down on Sunday. I was able to make it because I had requested that Saturday off to go see Aziz Ansari, but he postponed his show due to the theater shooting. So my weekend was wide open. I needed shoes to skate in because both Lakai and DVS had fucked up the shoes I had ordered about a month ago. My current sneakers have crazy big holes in them and I’m ruining socks daily. I couldn’t skate in Skatecamp unless I got some decent size 13 sneakers. Rennie came thru at the zero hour by lending me his wearable Vans. Thanks, pal.

Since I have every evening off due to my work schedule, Jessica and I have been eating out a bit more. Last week we went to an old favorite of ours, The Olde Mill in downtown Littleton. It’s a brew-pub with really good food, house beers, and a decent patio. And we just recently found out that the place is Lightrail Friendly!  Our favorites of the house beers include: Colussus IPA, Welcome Wheat, and the Riverside Red Ale. All delicious and all can be taken home in a growler. For months I had been claiming to one day order their famous “Monster Burger.” It’s a half pound patty topped with jack cheese, bacon, onion rings, fried cheese stix, ranch, and BBQ sauce. Well, Saturday was the day. Since Aziz had canceled on us, I figured to “treat myself” to the monster. Here’s a picture after I had already taken one bite:


Oh I tried so hard but just couldn’t finish it. Next time.