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Greetings, follower(s)!

It’s been awhile, I know. Lately my life has been consisting of work, sleep, eat, repeat. I’ve been hired on full-time at Kabletown and have immediately been hounded to pick up overtime shifts. It’s hard to say no when you’re trying to be a “go-getter” or “team player.” Sell out? Yes.

In other big news, Jessica and I have adopted a new family member. His name is Marty and he was brought into Overland a couple weeks ago as a stray. Somebody had reported him wandering loose in the greenbelt a couple blocks away from the clinic. One of the kennel staff ran over and found him and brought him back to Overland. He had no collar, tags, or chip. Doc said that he appeared to be about two years old and had been on the streets for a bout two weeks too, based upon his malnourishment and “fight scars.” We put up a Craigslist ad, and called the Denver Animal Shelter and let them know we had him. After five days and no responses, we considered adopting him. We brought Miles over to the clinic for introductions and play time. It went good. The next day, Marty got neutered. Three days later and much deliberation, we brought him home. The first couple days were rough settling in with Miles and Kitty but they calmed down pretty quickly. He’s super sweet and well behaved, Kitty likes him and he and Miles play in the yard all day. We love Marty!

I rode in Tour De Fat a few weeks ago with Ryan Lorenz (who’s a proud new father!). I didn’t know what I was in for, but I did plan on drinking Fat Tire that day so it all worked out. The “ride” was slow and entertaining, although I did have more fun riding to and from Lorenz’s house on 35th and Holly. He emailed me some photos he shot with his good ol’ Nikon.

Let’s talk Ty.

Ty Segall opened for The Oh Sees last month at The Gothic. I went with Jessica and her sister. The opening band, DeerPEOPLE were okay. Their lead singer was especially comical when he sang the last two songs from the audience and even went up to the balcony to serenade a couple on lookers. Ty Segall (Band) was next and they were everything I expected. Emily on the drums, Mikal with his high-riding bass, and Charlie Moonheart looking like a Trog Caveman with a stoney guitar. The set was fast and loud, mostly new matrial off of Slaughterhouse, some classics, and my favorite, Ty Segall trust falling into the audience while guitar soloing on Wave Goodbye. Evidence here at the 2:50 mark.

The Oh Sees came on last. I was confused by their on stage set up. They put their drummer right up front, guitar and bassman on the left and right, and keyboard girl in the back. Their first few songs were long and jam-band. Their singer was spitting everywhere. Not impressed. Girl on keyboards would occasionally play a chord or two, shake a tambourine every now and then, spit out some loud back up vocals. Not impressed. If you’re gonna have a girl in your band, she better bring it! Case in point: Ty’s drummer, Emily.

We left about halfway through the Oh Sees set. We were bored.

Jessica finally got her window replaced in the Buick. The power steering is still fucked though.

Went to the Cubs/Rox game a couple weeks ago with Jessica, Scott, and Dave White. It rained on us the whole time, Cubs lost. So worth it!