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Miserable Lie

It’s Monday, my day off, and I’m at home bloggin! Just got back from the skatepark and it feels good to get out on my board again, it’s been too long. I figured today would be perfect since the weather is so good and I got most of my chores done. The park was empty except for this dude named Alex. I said wassup to him and he said, “Graham, right?” Eh, close enough. Skated for a little bit until I was out of breath. Man, I’m out of shape.

Hung out with Toots the other night at his new place of employment, Adrift. Fun place that’s close to home, good beer on tap, awesome staff, and a pretty decent back patio. Jessica and I plan on spending a lot more time there. I really like South Broadway (SoBo) and I’m glad a lot of new businesses are opening up down there. I remember last year when I was working at stupid Pizza Hut, my driver Andrew said he and his buddies were going out on the town. I asked where they were going and he said LoDo. I laughed in his face and then strongly urged him to try South Broadway instead. He didn’t, his loss. Which is probably a good thing because even though Andrew is cool, all his friends are stupid Chads and they deserve to get overcharged and pay covers in LoDo on a Friday night. I’ll keep South Broadway cool and douche free.

Work at Kabletown is the same thing every night. My supervisor has been on vacation for the last couple weeks which has been nice. Everyone seems to “breathe easier” when he is gone. I like it.

Toots got nailed on his bike last month. Messed him up pretty bad. I picked him up last week to retrieve his bike from the impound lot and was greeted by this:


Looks like Steve Zissou.

Did I mention that Jessica and I went to Mexico back in October? It was so much fun and I miss it.


This is me and our awesome bartender, Armando. He was quick with the beer tap and always had a new shot for us to try. Nothing like swimming up to a bar.


Here’s Jessica and I at the pool. Let’s try again…


We went down there for a wedding at a resort next door. The wedding resort was super pricey so we shopped around and found the Catalonia for much less. We were able to make the wedding and still have plenty of time for ourselves. The food was really good and the beach was nice. The Catalonia had at least three pools, volleyball courts, horseshoe pit, wifi, and good people all around. We met a few couples from the US, but a lot of Brits and Russians. It was awesome. We even went to the discotek one night and I killed on the dance floor. There’s nothing like partying at sea level if you know what I mean.