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If You Survive, Please Come Again

The orphan log that was left in my front yard has been claimed. Thank you.


My Top 5 Simpsons episodes of all time.

5. You Only Move Twice
Homer’s tenure at the Springfield Nuclear Plant lands him a bountiful new job in a beautiful new town called Cypress Creek. The trees are green, the neighborhoods are spotless and the Simpson family hates it (except Homer who’s excelling at his new job). Homer’s boss, Hank Scorpio, is revealed to be a James Bond sized super-villian who seizes the east coast. Homer is conflicted between making his family happy by returning to Springfield or keeping his dream job in Cypress Creek. He ultimately decides to return to Springfield, scoring the Denver Broncos in the process.

“Adios, Stink-Town!”

4. Homer The Great
Homer falls ass-backwards into an exclusive, underground society known as The Stonecutters. An embarrassing birthmark reveals that he is their Great Leader but to the dismay of the other members. Soon, Homer learns that the perks and privilege of his upper-classmanship is a double edged sword leaving him alone and unfulfilled. Homer learns the value and importance of family and that there’s no club in Springfield big enough for two Homers.

“..The real number is 912.”

3. Flaming Moe’s
A wild episode involving Homer’s stupidity resulting in… more stupidity. A rudimentary cocktail made of childrens cough syrup is pitched to Moe, which results to big business, backstabbing and a Cheers themed medley penned and performed by Kip Lennon. Aerosmith also guest stars as Moe’s House Band where Steven Tyler yells out “Hello St Louis!” Homer ends up leaking the secret recipe, costing Moe millions but refurbishing their friendship. This is one of the very few episodes where Moe is seen happy.

“The secret ingredient is…”love?!” Okay, who’s been messing with this thing?”

2. Homer vs. The 18th Amendment
Another liquor fueled fable when Homer devises a genius plan to bootleg liquor and thwart Rex Banner, as Prohibition was reinstated in Springfield. It is truly a defining moment of Homers stupid brilliance. Even Marge agrees. What I love most about this episode is Moe’s iconic petshop/speakeasy and Barney’s reluctance to leave his stool. Not to mention the “…mysterious liquor clouds over Evergreen Terrace.” Sometimes you got to take it to the man!

“Is some blind tiger pulling suds on the side?”

1. Bart Sells His Soul
Alf pogs and Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag. Need I say more? I am not religious by any means but something about this episode and Bart’s relationship with faith really gets to me. It’s probably just a really good episode.

“Bart, you didn’t finish your Spaghetti and Moe Balls!”