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I stand by my Top 5 Simpsons picks from my previous post, but I thought I might list some contenders since there are just so many more good episodes.

Homer Goes to College

Marge vs. The Monorail

Homers Barbershop Quartet

A Fish Called Selma

Eight Misbehavin’

In other news, Spring is quickly approaching which is awesome because I don’t like the winter… at all! My yard is starting to thaw, which means I gotta start prepping my garden for the summer. Looking forward to that! I’ll be starting seedlings in my window next week.

Work at Kabletown is still going well. I am confident that I’ll be getting off overnights very soon, into a swing position (3-11pm). They are still doing construction/expansion on a daily basis at our building which is good because that means the company is doing really well and more jobs for more people in the future.

Jessica, Dale and I have been brewery crawling every Monday for the past few weeks. Denver has a booming microbrewery scene and most of these local breweries have small “taprooms” open to the public 21 years and older located right there at the brewery.  We’ve done Bull and Bush, Rock Bottom, and Olde Mill plenty of times, but the taproom is still a bit new to us (except Colorado Cider and Wit’s End). Our first chosen destination was Strange Brewing Company located at 13th and Zuni, not too far from da crib. Strange is awesome! It’s small and quaint, located in an industrial strip right next to I25. We ordered a flight sampler featuring 8 or 9 of their current selections, then a couple pints of each of our favorites.  I particularly enjoyed the IPAphany and the 1000 Barrel.


We were all a bit silly after our trip to Strange, so much that we decided to come back the following Monday! Dale and I filled our growlers and enjoyed a couple more pints of 1000 Barrel.


The next week, Jessica and I headed to the Great Divide taproom over by Coors Field. This was actually on a Saturday, not Monday, after the Doug Benson show at Comedy Works. Great Divide was quite bustling on this Saturday night.  The “blizzard” we were experiencing sent everyone to GD to enjoy some fine brews straight from the source. Jessica and I are familiar with GD’s offerings so we skipped the flight sampler and went straight to the chaff. I had the Orabelle, which I think is one of the best beers ever made, while Jessica had the Colette. We then sampled the Double Yeti due to a bartenders mispour, which was a bit much for our liking.


Great Divide was pretty cool, not my favorite, but I did like the fact that we were able to take the bus/Light Rail to and from without issue.

Check out these guys doing a local brewery bracket competition thing over here. My money’s on Strange!