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James, if I may?

here’s a picture of Dale buying the first available four-pack of Renegade’s Elevation Triple IPA in cans whilst getting photobombed by George McFly circa 1985.


Thanks to everyone who came to our BBQ last week. I had a lot of fun grilling for everyone and thanks for bringing so much beer; we still have a fridge full so drop by anytime.


I think the snow has finally stopped here in Denver which is good because snow is for losers. I’m gonna wash my car today.

Work at Kabletown is going good. I really like my new shift and the people I work with are all really great. The construction for the new Major Network Disaster Recovery Center is almost complete, which means no more foul-mouthed contractors stinking up the breakroom and drinking all the Earl Grey. It also means employment opportunity. Kabletown is cool because they encourage you to apply for and advance your career within the building. I will try.

Record Store Day was a waste. I went looking for Ty Segall’s Ty Rex II, which was sold out. “Yeah, we had like, three copies.” the record store guy told me. Great. Then I stood in line with a Teegan and Sara remix album Jessica wanted. I waited in line for about 45 minutes before Dale called and told me he already got it for Jessica that morning. I tossed Teegan and Sara into the closest shwag bin and got the fuck out. Now I see the Ty Rex II on Ebay going for $45.00.  Oh well, at least I found a decent .flac rip of it the next day on the good ol’ internet.