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Bus Stop

I’ve got four dogs at the house for the next couple days, jealous?



I’m happy to announce that stupid El Diablo on S. Broadway has finally closed due to the building being deemed unsafe. Good riddance! That place sucked and the food was shitty. Apparently the city of Denver had closed the building temporarily several times in the past, telling the owner to fix the building…. which he never did. How can you have such an awesome property in the heart of the city, and not take care of it?! Stupid. Isn’t he the same guy who owned Rockbar before that place got shut down too?

Speaking of property in the city, the abandoned SugarHouse down the street is still for sale. Personally, I think it would make a great place for a brewery or a bar without that swinger vibe. We’ll see what happens.

The garden will be transported outside in the next week. I’m excited because my windowsill is running out of room. It’s gonna be a good harvest this year. Thanks, Andrew!

That’s all, I’m going grocery shopping.