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New Year’s Resolution

Greeting, follower! I know its been awhile…blah blah blah, I wont rip off The Cruise here. Summer is winding down here in Denver, I guess. Its been 100 degrees every day this week! I like it! I’m not one for cold weather but I am looking forward to my garden harvest.

Got the new Ty Segall record last week, Sleeper. This release is a strictly acoustic psych dreamfest which all online reviewers are going apeshit over but, I didn’t really like it at first. But Toots was right, “…it’ll grow on you. Every album you don’t like does.” And right he was. Sleeper is pretty darn good. Segall continues to impress me with his talent, self production, nonchalantness, and the fact that he tours Denver once to twice a year at affordable venues. I remember when Jessica and I first saw him in San Francisco several years ago at The Knockout! He was playing One-Man-Band style to a room of about 20. We had a couple beers then I went outside to get some fresh air. He was loading all his equipment into a beat up old shitbox of a car with some friends, then sped off to some other gig, probably.


Work is the same, which is good. I’ve been “promoted” to Log Checking a couple nights a week now which I actually like. Most people dread Log Checking but I actually feel like my value is now equal to my worth, if that makes sense? And, as a Log Checker, I don’t have to call and wait for the Break Guy to come fill in for me when I need to go to the bathroom, eat, or walk around! I can get up and do that whenever the fuck I want! Makin’ moves! And apparently my brother has been Instatweeting me behind my back, literally!


“Tough night at work…I get to kick my feet up while Hammel Jr. slaves away…muhaha!”

Dale and I are patiently awaiting the opening of Black Sky Brewery next month on 5th and Santa Fe. It’s gonna be an alternative Metal Brewery to TRVE, whom we think are way too pretentious and kinda assholes. Black Sky is gonna be opened by this guy:


Longtime Breckenridge brewer and friend of Strange. We’ve had a couple beers that this guy has brewed at Strange, cause Strange is cool and lets other respected brewers come in and make shit. I’ve been dreaming of that Demon Seed IPA that we had once, which will be Black Sky’s staple beer. Oh, they’ll also be serving pizza!

Went to Candlelight last night after many years of that place being on “The Blacklist.” We decided that of all the local watering holes around that are convenient to all parties concerned, Candlelight was finally off “The List.” It’s close to home for Jessica and I, Carl likes it cause they’ll stay open late, he’s been known to close down a bar or two, Scott likes it because he thinks he’s “Undisputed Shuffleboard Champ” and they have Stella on tap. Their drinks are cheap, the bartenders aren’t assholes, and they actually maintain their dartboards. Tuesday nights at Candlelight is back!

Going to see World’s End tonight and stop off at the new World of Beer in Bel Mar. Looking for something East Coast, any suggestions?