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Quick post. Her was a stupid movie. Dallas Buyers club was way better. Ski Trip to Breckenridge was awesome. I am amazed by how many shitty drivers there are in this state. If I can make it to and from Breckenridge in heavy snow in a 2wd Mitsubishi Lancer, I shouldn’t see several 4wd trucks flipped over on I-70. Fucking idiots! I’ve been invited to Canning Day at Renegade of Friday, thanks Dale! Gonna can some Hammer and Sickle Stout since it is Stout Month. Should be fun!



UPDATE: Kabletown is buying a competing major cable provider on the east coast. As an employee of Kabletown, I for one welcome our new crushing monopoly on cable services and dispensations.






I’d like to say that the new New Belgium designs really piss me off. I’ve got three main complaints: 1. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original graphics. they were iconic and recognizable from a mile away. 2. The new graphics look like they were designed by Wes Anderson. Cute, pastel, and way too symmetrical. I understand that there is a theory and formula to design, but these seem way to calculated. 3. The design firm who made these is from San Francisco! Not cool! I figured New Belgium, of all people, would strive to keep the design process local. There are plenty of talented design firms here in this state, shit, I’ve been to plenty of them myself. Shame on you, New Belgium. However, this gripe has not stopped me from enjoying plenty of Rampant Imperial IPA lately.




In other news, Jessica and I are heading up to Breckenridge for an extended ski weekend tomorrow. i am really looking forward to getting out of town for a few days, although I am not looking forward to the drive up and down I-70.

in music news, I just received a very special record form Vic Ruggiero this week. It looks like this:



And it came with a note that said something like: hey Grant, enjoy the record. Thanks for being one of the first customers, Vic!

its got 6 tracks and theshall sound really good! Thank you, Vic!

Work is still the same. Actually, we launched a new channel in my room so were a little busier than usual. We’ve got a couple new hires as well. It’s weird that I’ve slowly become one of the veterans in my group.  I know I’ve been talking about switching to one of the sports rooms this spring, but lately, those rooms have been having major issues so it might be wise to stay put and school the new guys.

I got a 1 gallon brew kit from Jessica for Christmas. Let me tell you, I am having the time of my life! My first batch was a Peach Wheat which has been bottled and will be heading up to the mountains with us this weekend. In the mean time, I did some Internet forum research and concocted my own recipe for a big double IPA. That one is in the fermenter now, and it looks good! I am “dry hopping” this one which basically means putting additional hops into the brew once its in the fermenter. I gotta let this one sit for another week or two before I move it to bottles. In the mean time, I’ve been researching my next recipe, a Belgian Dubbel With a twist! I’m gonna score some charred oak chips, soak them in whiskey, then add the whiskey chips into the fermenter for an “oak aged whiskey Belgian Dubbel.” Ambitious? Yes. But with a 1 gallon set up, the risk is very minimal and it gives me the freedom to experiment. I’ve been shopping for supplies at a local homebrew store up in Bel Mar called Barleyhaven. The owner is super cool and helpful. I just show up with an ingredients list and he weighs everything out and runs it through the mill, puts it in a bag, and I’m on my way!

my brother bought two old Vespas from some old guy down in Buena Vista in the hopes restoring them. I think he bit off more than he could chew, as now he’s looking at refurbished engines which start at around $1000. Have fun picking up those overtime shifts! Sucker….

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