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I’ve Got To Make It

It’s blog time. Been working hard around the house all day while the dogs are at the vet getting baths and playing. Lucky fellas! Spring is finally here and I couldn’t be more pumped! I am looking forward to baseball games at Coors Field, patio life, and Avalanche playoffs!? That’s right, the Avs are in the playoffs! And rightly so, they’ve been playing really well all season. I haven’t missed a game yet. 


Jessica and I have already secured tickets to two date-undetermined playoff games, hoping they land on a Friday and Saturday, otherwise I’ll be pulling some major strings at work to get the right night off. 

And speaking of work, life at Kabletown is as exciting as ever. My room is currently broadcasting 7 different channels at the moment. We were only running 6 channels until some old servers blew up last week. We had to switch the blown up network over to my room to get it back on-air as soon as we could. Now, my room/equipment is at full capacity, something we weren’t really ready for. Needless to say, every day is a new adventure in television. What software is gonna freeze up tonight? Which network is gonna send 20 late-change forms 10 minutes before air? Do we really need 4 engineers in here at the moment? And rumors are circulating that an 8th channel is about to sign a contract with us. We need new technologies (lasers?) or magic or something to get us running smoothly again.

Toots and I checked out yet another new brewery a few weeks ago. Former Future Brewing just opened on South Broadway in the Antique District. Their schtick is “…traditional styles with modern twists..” or some shit. The only modern things they were doing was running out of beer and trying too hard. It was a Friday afternoon, Toots and I walk in and are immediately stared down by the entire staff and fellow drinkers. Is my shirt on backwards? Do I smell like shit? What!? We grab a table near the back and browse the tiny menu. Our nerdy server comes over towards us and sheepishly asks, “Remind me which brewery you guys are from?” We about lost our shit! We kindly informed him that we’re just a couple of dudes not associated with any brewery (although, I am a brewer). Toots claimed he is often confused with the brewmaster at TRVE, because of the beard and tattoos and all. We ordered a flight that consisted of a Wit, and English IPA, a Porter, and a whiskey barrel aged Porter. That’s all they had. The Wit was good, English IPA was meh, Porter was meh, and the Barrel Porter tasted just like the regular Porter but with a splash of bourbon. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s exactly what they did. They’ve only been open a few weeks and those barrel aged beers take many months to years to get right. Now I’m not saying Former Future sucks, I just wish they would would pull back on the schtick a little, drop the uber-retro Industrial Revolution theme, and make something consistent. I did like their glassware, the skylights, location (right next to Pasquini’s), and their dog-friendly attitude. I give them a few months to smooth things out.

Meanwhile on Exposition avenue, my own brews have been up and down. The Peach Wheat tasted okay but was completely under carbed. The Big IPA also under carbed and burnt my throat every time I drank one. However, the Belgian Dubbel, fucking awesome! Toots and I cracked open the first bottle a couple weeks ago before going to the Avs game. It was well carbonated, great head, beautiful color, and an amazingly sweet/spicy taste. I call it She & Him, because it’s a style both Jessica and I really like. I’ve only got a couple bottles left.


I’ve got another IPA attempt in the fermentor now, hopefully it comes out better than the last. This will be my last one gallon brew since I’ve upgraded to a 5 gallon set up. I think I’ll be making more She & Him for the summer!