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You saved my life

Jessica and I went to Glenwood last week for a few days of awesomeness and etc… We rafted the canyon with a handful of Asians, soaked with some Russians, biked with a church group (probably), and all in all, had the time of our lives! We hit up the Glenwood Brewpub for a delicious Raspberry Wheat, always a favorite. They had a SMaSH beer on tap which means Single Malt, and Single Hop. Now that I’m an expert brewer, I figured it would be real easy to decipher the malt and hop. I guessed Pilsner malt and Centennial hop. I was half right. I got the hop right which earned us a free round from the bartender. The malt was a German Pale, not pilsner, so I wasn’t far off.


View of Hotel Denver, train station with train, brewpub and canyon taken from the bridge over the river. What a cool place!

Its been raining like crazy everyday here in Denver lately. It’s been nice on the garden and yard, although now my front yard is like a thick, lush forest and my lawn mower is broken. I got an estimate from a local mower and he told me $50 for just the front yard! Fuck that! I guess I’ll either be fixing my mower or shopping around, but I gotta act quick because the growing don’t stop.

i attempted my first 5 gallon brew a couple weeks ago, and, unfortunately, it didn’t go we’ll. I was very inefficient which killed my OG and now I’m left with 5 gallons of very weak witbier. I’m conflicted as to either dump it and start over, or bottle 5 gallons of mild buzz. I’m thinking of only bottling a couple gallons, then dump the rest. Luckily, I know what mistakes I made the first time around so I’m anxious to get back at it. I just gotta stop being lazy.

Work is still going well. I’ve heard rumors that Kabletown has bought the empty field next door and will soon be constructing a data center and On Demand Services expansion. On Demand entertainment has really been taking off lately and I’m wondering if getting into that department is a step in the right direction? Brother will know, he’s always got an eye on the future, and tornadoes.