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Everything Will Turn Out Alright

Greetings! Been awhile but I’ve been busy busy busy! I did not land the new gig at Kabletown, they gave the position to some lazy ass who’s been with the company for 20+ years. Lame. There’s another position I’ve got my eye on though, it should be posted any day now. It might mean going back on overnights, but it’ll be a pay raise and a spot on a growing department rather than my current department which is shrinking by the week. But at least we got to keep Original Ray, even after his disaster in the NHL room.

Here are pics from our trip out east!


I brewed a new batch of beer on Friday. Its a Belgian pale ale. A co-worker of mine hooked me up with 3 pounds of Cascade hops from his garden so I put them to work! It’ll be ready in a few weeks.

Been meaning to check out yet another new brewery not far from da crib called Grandma’s House. Its on south Broadway and Mexico in the “Green Mile.” I’ve heard good things about Grandma’s, but after looking at their website, they seem to be doing this whole “co-op/collective” thing which I don’t really dig. It reminds me of some 20 piece jam-band freakout that’s all about good vibes and one love and shit, but once the money runs out, so does the collective, leaving one person 80 grand in debt. Does that make sense? On second thought, I’d rather head to Black Sky instead. Black Sky has been pumping out some insane brews lately, our buddy Klaus works there, and their pizza is always awesome!

Good news: we finally got our bathroom remodeled! It took damn near a week, but its done and looks beautiful. Come by and use my toilet, you won’t regret it!

In other news, Miles beat up Marty again a few weeks ago. They were getting spoiled at the in-laws house while the bathroom was getting worked on and one thing led to another…. Everyone is cool now.


This sounds great, get yerself a copy ASAP!

Winter has finally shown up here in Denver. I hate it. But winter means hockey so its not all that bad.

Some kids got pulled over and arrested in front of my house two nights ago. I was literally Nightcrawling like Gyllenhaal! Shitty pic, I know.