Rain. That’s all we’ve been seeing here in Denver lately. It’s kinda cool but it’s coolness fades fast. My yard looks good. Jessica and I caught a break in the weather yesterday and took a sweet bike ride downtown. Our destination: Crooked Stave. Our route: South Platte River Trail.

We hit the road just before noon. It’s a quick ride downhill to the path. Once on the path, we were cookin! It’s a great ride because it runs parallel with the Platte River, which is actually pretty beautiful right now because of all the rain and snowmelt from the mountains. We cruised next to the highway, under 8th avenue, across 13th and Strange! I had no idea how easy it is to get to Strange by bicycle! We continued on the path and I spotted a sweet skate spot. A bump to ledge that has seen some action! I might have to come back! Our journey continued past Sports Authority Field, past Elitch’s and eventually to Confluence Park. Did I mention it had been raining a lot? Our path was flooded! We weren’t sure which way to head because I didn’t know if the path would be un-flooded further north. We explored Confluence and eventually found an alternate trail that headed north on higher ground. We stayed on the path that reconnected us to the original Platte Trail and took it all the way to 31st. Up to Brighton Blvd. and we had arrived at our destination!


We got a traditional flight, then I went back for a full pour of Original Sin. Jessica has the Raspberry Surette. We also picked up some swag and headed for destination two: Breckenridge Brewery on Blake st. On our ride to Breck, we were overtaken by a fixie-gang of about twenty, all riding fast and reckless. They all pulled over to a liquor store next to River North. I bet a few of them were jelly of my sweet whip. Jess and I grabbed lunch at Breck and watched the Ducks/Hawks game. Go Ducks! we watched the rain fall and decided to wait it out with a couple more pints. Our route back home was to take us through LoDo to the Cherry Creek Trail, then meet back up with the Platte River trail. I’ve never cycled the streets of downtown before, I was a little nervous. We both handled it like champs. Just ride like a car would drive and you’ll be fine. Back on the trail and headed home.

Jessica suggested we stop at Chain Reaction, I think as a way to avoid the steep hill to our house. I thought it was a good idea. A couple more pints and some laughs with friends could’t hurt. A taco cart was there, the elusive “…taco cart with a TV strapped to the front,” we’ve heard so much about, but had never actually seen, until yesterday!


The tacos were delicious too!

42.15 PM

Here’s a rough sketch of our trip, roughly 14 miles round trip. I am very proud of Jessica for riding the whole way and I’m proud of myself for doing it all on my fix. Well done! And I’m not even sore today!

I scored tickets to the Rockies game tonight from work, since I’ve been kicking ass in my position lately. I just hope the weather holds up. Also, the Rockies suck, I hope they can win one tonight against the Phillies whose been on a 5 game winning streak. We’ll see!



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