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Flight Patterns

Oh jeez, has it been this long? Sorry. Life has been getting in the way. Let’s catch up. Still working the overnight shift at Kabletown. I still like it there. My days off are not ideal but i’ve learned to accept it and adapt. Having Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday off has it’s perks, you just have to find them. Here I am, Monday morning, Renegade Endpoint in my hand, about to go to bed. Tomorrow will be household chores, the usual doldrums, minus the depression. Been taking the Zip Zinger out thru the neighborhood lately. Haven’t missed a beat! Except my thigh hurts after a bunch of pushing uphill. Who cares!

Jessica and I got married a couple weeks ago! Crazy, right!?


Big shout out to everyone who traveled far and wide to make it. It really means so much to Jessica and I, I hope you had fun. The beer served at the reception was a recipe of my own that our local friends at Chain Reaction were more than happy to scale up and serve for us. It was my third time brewing a different recipe of my own with those guys. The best dudes ever!

I caught a bit of the Emmys last night. It was great seeing Aziz Ansari/Master Of None get so much recognition. Not to mention Silicon Valley as well. Game Of Thrones killed, no surprise there. I’m often asked if the whole “cutting the cord” fad has me worried about my job. Is cable TV on it’s way out? The answer is “no.” There will always be a market for cable television. Additionally, what I do in the media delivery super-chain will always play a vital role. Wherever the end product is viewed, it will most likely still go through my hands first. Go watch some TV!

Ty Segall’s latest effort, Emotional Mugger, is total crap and and I didn’t bother to see The Muggers at The Gothic when they came by a few months ago. I guess he’s started another new band called GØGGS. I should look into that more. Numero Group is, as always, killing it with the re-issues. The Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music comp is in heavy rotation at the moment. I’ve also been digging into the I’m Losing Tonight comps as well. Great, buried 60’s rock with some killer gems hidden in the weeds.

Fall and Winter are approaching which always bums me out a little bit. I am looking forward to hockey season, though. The Avs got a new coach after Patrick Roy’s abrupt departure last month. Let’s see how we do. I discussed hosting a Hockey Bingo Night down at the brewery every now and then. Nothing is set in stone yet.

I plan on brewing a batch of beer on Tuesday. I have a can of Conan/Vermont Ale/Heady Topper yeast in the fridge that I gotta use sooner than later. I plan on doing a big, bad IPA of the double variety. My freezer is full of Chinook and Summit hops at the moment, so I better put them to good use! I’ll be going heavy on the Pearl malt, and a few specialty malts to give it some complexity. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I treated myself to a garage refrigerator for my birthday back in April. It was the greatest investment I’ve ever made. I had slowly been buying kegging equipment over the last couple years and the fridge in the garage (which fits!) was the final piece of the puzzle. I no longer have to suffer the agony which is bottling beer at home! No more saving bottles. No more clearing out a solid three hour chunk of time to transfer my beer to a bucket, sanitize 40 to 50 bottles, risk infection, prime with sugar, wait two weeks…. the list goes on and on. With a kegging system, I do one transfer, chill, pressurize and serve. The beer comes out so much cleaner too!

If yer bored, please watch some Solo Travel Blog, or John Hill. They keep me entertained when the work hours are slow.

That’s about all I got going on at the moment. Other than just working a lot and ironing out our post wedding obligations, things are pretty chill around here, despite our unusual living conditions at the moment. It’s honestly no big deal. See ya!