Sitting In The Park

Greetings! I was cruising 5 Points last night when I came across the Numero Group Pop Up store at 27th and Arapahoe. I bolted inside and before I knew it, had dropped a pretty penny on some top notch vinyl. Let’s see what what’s in the bag!

Jacobites, S/T – LP. A British duo recording in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Echoing the sounds of T-Rex, Bob Dylan and Iggy Pop. Although he wouldn’t admit it, I bet Morrissey loved these guys.

Shoes, Black Vinyl Shoes – LP. A power pop band out of Zion, Illinois. Recorded in 1977, this one is just good old fashioned rock and roll. Crack open a tall boy and throw on some denim while listening to this one.

V/A Eccentric Soul, Sitting In The Park – LP. A famous Chicago DJ by the name of Bob Abrahamian who spun nothing but deep cut soul, passed away in 2014. Numero raided his collection and remastered a handful of the best of the best. With permission, of course.

Jeff Cowell, Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold – LP. A recommendation from the Numero maestro. Haven’t listened to it yet but it appears to be a late 60’s/early 70’s protest record. I can dig it.

Dry Bread – 45. A funky record out of the Bahamas.

The Perfections – 45. 2 killer tracks from 1969. Sweet soul harmonies from the obscure Twinight Label.

Amethyst – 45. Another recommendation from the maestro. A funky disco dance number that isn’t really my cup of tea, but he assures me I could resell it in a few years for a nice profit. Okay…

Them Two – 45. My personal favorite of the bunch. The A side, Am I A Good Man, is what first turned me onto the Numero Group about 10 years ago. Though thorough internet investigations have turned up no other recordings from Miami, Florida’s Them Two, Numero had unearthed a second track of theirs only very recently. Love Has Taken Wings is a real heartbreaker that you can’t help but keep on repeat.

In addition to the vinyl, I picked up a t shirt and a tote bag. Afterwards, I met Jessica at Cart Driver for pizza and oysters. It was a good night.


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