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Golden Age

Well, it’s been one week since we lost our beloved Beatrix Kitty. We are still very sad at the moment, but slowly getting better. Losing a part of your family is tough, especially when it happens unexpectedly. We’ve received a lot of support from friends, family and even coworkers, we thank you all.

It all started last Thursday. Per usual, I had laid down to take a nap in the afternoon before the start of my work week. The alarm went off at 5:30 and I got up to take a shower. I peeked around the house looking for the cat. I thought she had been acting a little funny earlier in the day but didn’t think too much of it. I checked the guest room, my office, laundry room and even outside. I could not find her. Odd, I thought, but no big deal. I prepared to take a shower when I heard her meowing. She was in the laundry room. I went over there but couldn’t find her. She kept meowing. Was she under the house? In the dryer? No, she had fallen down the carpeted tube that holds up her kitty castle which was in the corner of the room next to the hot water heater. I reached all the way down the inside of the tube and could feel her, meowing like crazy. I had to grab her by the scruff and lift her out. She had peed herself and was soaking wet. I brought her out to the living room and set her down on the rug. She seemed limp. I called Jessica at the vet immediately.

I attempted to rush Beatrix to the vet, but it was a Thursday night, 6pm, and I was stuck on Federal Boulevard. Kitty in her carrier riding shotgun, I was concerned but confident that whatever the problem was, one of the doctors would fix her up right away. I got to the hospital at 6:45. We took her back to the clinic and Dr. Feighner began an examination. She listened to her heart, took temperature, drew blood, all the basics. Beatrix was cold, especially the lower half of her body. Her hind paws were not responding to anything. Doc had concluded that there was most likely a blood clot somewhere in her system, blocking the flow of blood to her lower body. A call to the local animal cardiologist and a second opinion from another doctor confirmed this. What do you do? Blood clot surgery on a cat is very expensive. Even if it were a success, more clots would likely return. We kept waiting for Doc to suggest an alternative, but she had none. She said these conditions are nearly always fatal. That’s when shit got real. This whole time, I was waiting, anticipating that quick fix, “…antibiotics and some fluids, she’ll be good as new.” That was not the answer this time.

We took Beatrix home and got her comfortable on the couch. Doc had given her some kitty dope and she was relaxed. I had to go to work. That night was rough. It was busy leading up to the weekend, like always. 6:30am rolled around and I sprinted home, not sure what to expect. Jessica was up with Beatrix, back on the couch. Marty was on the opposite end of the couch, just looking at her. Beatrix had slept with Jessica in bed last night and peed in my spot. I didn’t care. I grabbed the bedsheets and put them in the wash. She had peed again on the couch. We saw no improvement. Jessica called the vet and let them know we were coming back. As I picked up Beatrix to put her back in her carrier, she cried out. It was the saddest sound I have ever heard. That was pain. She was not doing well. Jessica and I cried all the way to the vet.

8am, we spoke with Dr. Feighner again, hoping for a miracle. There was none. Her temperature was still very low.  We spent a good 30 minutes petting and cuddling with her, hoping and preying to see some movement in her legs. We got to press her paw prints into some soft clay to take home. One of the techs brought us a consent to euthenize paper. We signed it. I called my mom as Jessica and Beatrix went back to the clinic with the doctor. I could hardly spit out a sentence. I went outside to smoke. Jessica came out a few minutes later, she had donated Beatrix’s carrier.

We drove home in sniffling silence. I had her collar in my pocket. It has a little bell on it. The dogs greeted us as usual. We sat on the couch, coming to terms with what had just happened. I was exhausted. Time for a beer. I had just kegged a new batch of IPA the day before and it was ready to be served. It’s delicious. We watched the Avalanche game from the night before and cuddled with our two boys. We cried, the Avs lost. We talked about what we could have done differently, what we should have done differently. I called into work for the night. I got clean sheets out of the dryer and we made the bed. I crawled into it at noon, hardly slept a wink.

We moped around the house all Friday and Saturday. We were sad. Our beloved Beatrix, who, just days ago, was bouncing off the walls like all good kitties should, was gone forever. We met Jessica’s friend Jenn Saturday night for dinner. We talked about Beatrix and shared memories, had some laughs. It felt good. I then had to go back to work. It was a quite night. I spent hours googling feline blood clots, and everything I read ended the same. As hard as it was for us to make that decision, it was the right decision to make.

Every day we are feeling a little bit better. We took a long hike in Morrison on Monday. Adam came over for hockey bingo on Tuesday. Yesterday, I took the tags and bell off her collar and attached them to the angel atop our Christmas tree. Jessica gave her cat scratcher to our friend David and we’ll be donating her food to the clinic. We got a sweet card and a little flower arrangement from the vet staff earlier today. I’m not sure how our boys are feeling at the moment. Marty has been especially lazy the last few days, but I think that’s due to the freezing weather. Miles is being Miles.

Go hug your pets, they’re awesome.


Boys don’t lie